The Variomatic should offer a relatively low cost alternative to the automatic gearbox for smallervehicles and/or engines with low torque. In the DAF. 20 Dec In the Variomatic Drive transmission, the driveshaft drives a transverse countershaft (1) with two vee pulleys (2) attached to it. The power is then. Buy low price, high quality variomatic transmission with worldwide shipping on

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Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmission Automobile. Although it remained in production until the Variomatic suffered from several drawbacks, in particular it had limited torque capacity and it occupied a large installation volume.

The power is then delivered to two separate rear drive axles — one for each wheel by two drive belts 3. Control of the pulley running diameters, and therefore the drive ratio, was achieved through servos operated by an inlet manifold vacuum.

The hydraulic system and driver controls used with transmissino Ford CTX system are similar to a conventional automatic transmission.

At low speeds the output is very less. More modern examples can be found here. Mark on The Pontiac Tempest: Low speed handling in icy conditions was interesting as the system tended to drive the car forward against the influence of the steered wheels. He was never to be seen again. The engine brake in the Variomatic can be activated simply by pulling out the button on the dashboard.


The simple operation and maximum torque over the largest possible speed range was bariomatic target. Email required Address never made public. Continuously variable transmissions Automotive transmission technologies Automatic transmission tradenames Dutch inventions. This system was so successful that once the Rudge Multi had to be banned from the Isle of Man TT race in order to provide other motorcycles some chance of winning.

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These clutches are designed to slip at low speed so that the car can creep when maneuvering. The variomatic was introduced on the DAF June 2, at 1: The thrust belt uses a large number of V-shaped transmixsion elements retained on two steel bands. The version that transmissoin the switch from rubber to steel belts was called the Transmatic. This causes a relatively high unsprung mass and frequent negative camber when driving.

Snapped drive shafts were common. Each steel element of the belt during driving transmits thrust by pushing against its neighbour. Our bumpers are made of stainless steel, grade1.

How it Works: The Variomatic Transmission

transmiswion To achieve this, a strong spring is used to push the two havles of the secondary pulley together. Audi gariomatic an improved version of the variomatic in under the name multitronic. With the DAF – 55 each rear wheel was propelled individually by a pair of conical drums and drive belt with the effect of a limited slip differential: Maximum torque occurs at a different speed from that for maximum economy and also neither of these speeds coincides with the point of maximum power.


It varies the drive ratio continuously by changing the operating diameters of two pulleys that are linked by a steel V-belt. As a result, in the former Dutch annual backward driving world championship, the DAFs had to be put in a separate competition because no other car could keep up. Ttansmission in the gear ratio were obtained by varying the operative diameter of the pulleys.

I can see traction advantages to driving each rear ax individually.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If I remember correctly Daf had a 33 fixed to a test track, and would take any manufacturer on in a race to the bottom of the track and of course back. Once the engine has reached mid-range RPMs, it will stay like that for a long while, although the speed increases.