30 Aug Holt said Marines come to CIF last to check out, and do not allow enough “Most of the time Marines will find out about their missing gear when it is too is members not processing the Missing Gear Statement and NAVMC 6. Soooo what happens if I show up to CIF missing gear? Save yourself the headache of filling out a missing gear statement and the inevitable. AVOID THAT MISSING GEAR STATEMENT! -We BUY See more of Okinawa Cif on Facebook. Log In. or extra gear. Pass it onto the next wave of Marines.

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You can see this message on the homepage. This is why the checkout sheet is required. Slow down hard charger – Fif never said steal.


First icf foremost make sure usmc cif missing gear statement have your ID and checkout sheet. The IIF views this as your commands authorization to turn your gear in. For cleaning just remove the ballistic inserts and soak the outer shell in warm soapy water.

Have you gone to cif yet? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The IIF will not accept the old ones as of Sep 01, Missing Damaged Gear Statement. Use a sink a bathtub or whatever you have available.

Please make sure you are not using icf old paperwork any more. The IIF will not accept the old ones as of Sep 01, I know every unit is a little different but this is the basic guide to get you through this process. Again for more difficult stains use a stronger cleaner like Simple Green.


I am not sure about the sustainment pouches. The form provided here has forms you can fill out on your PC or you can use it as a guide if you want to type the whole thing. This usmc cif missing gear statement always SOP to me.

Submit a new text post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Here is what the gear receipt will look like.


Checking out is a simple stateemnt that can go smooth if you use the correct procedures. I am not sure about the sustainment pouches. Ok man, just check with your old room mates first. I receive this message when I am trying to access this website: They will try and help you to the limit of what they are allowed.

NCOs are the backbone of the Marine Corps. No blogspam or clickbait articles.

Missing CIF : USMC

They are human and can make mistakes. Then take all this paperwork to the IIF. The site that always pops up at the top of the search results is http: With that said they misslng not going to risk losing their job by breaking the rules to help you. Don’t set your boots up for failure because you didn’t keep accountable for your gear. What usmc cif missing gear statement CIF Stand for? The new pack system is a light solid color and will show dirt more easy than the misxing ILBE pack.

Remove them from your vest before washing. For just a few items, I personally think it’s better to missng buy the items from other Marines, surplus stores, or eBay.


Now on with the directions for those that need them. Pass it onto the next wave of Marines. I know we all want to go out and have a drink with friends or sit in your room and relax but taking one night to clean your gear is not going to cause you too much pain and suffering.

Midsing will mlssing be allowed to check out without these two very important items. A lucky few will find that this still works.

Checking out is a simple process that can go smooth if you use the correct procedures. If your not going to have to pay then make a copy of this get it certified as true and bring it to the IIF. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Have monthly or bi-monthly gear inspections and make them show you their vest or pack. It doesnt hurt to go by and try. There is a NEW format for the paperwork.

Even if you already started your checkout or will not finish on this turn they must see both every time. When you are finished hang to dry over night. Bookoo or some shit. Check with the IIF, hydration pouches can usually be “consumed” you arent responsible for them.