True Discipleship has ratings and 17 reviews. Davina said: What a challenging read.I just flipped through it for a seminary, but with a lot of addit. William MacDonald, Used by Authors Permission. Foreword The pathway to true discipleship begins when a person is born again. It begins when the. True Discipleship () by William MacDonald.

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All that matters is that the Lord be glorified. It is one thing to make a decision for Christ in the warm emotion of a mass evangelistic rally.

So they work diligently to make sure that they will be comfortably situated when they are no longer able to carry on gainful employment. But they permitted something else to come between their souls and complete dedication to Him. The urgency and superlative character of the message made it unthinkable to limit it to conventional meeting places.

The following two verses are used to support this view: He cries aloud and spares not, and will not be hindered. We can use disciplexhip things for winning souls to Christ. Not until we are willing to lay down our very lives for Him are we in the place where He wants us.

Change, cleanse, use me as Thou shalt choose. macdonalc

True Discipleship

I know not if the blessing sought Will come in just the guise I thought. The duty of such is to endure hardness, to be good soldiers, unencumbered by the things of this life, athletes unentangled by any weight…It is a vocation, a calling, and an ordination to discippeship service. They literally left all of their friends and families and possessions behind to physically follow Him.

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By this means, we can, as Hudson Taylor said, learn to move man through God. The application of the illustration is clear. Here are the terms of discipleship as laid down by the Savior of the world:. By some strange instinct, it realizes that the Christian life deserves everything or nothing.

New William MacDonald Reprint – True Discipleship with Study Guide | Gospel Folio Press

If the servant is not above his master, what right do we have to go to heaven more comfortably than the Lord Jesus did? Neither do they want to reveal their strategy to the enemy. So He left the door open! Pierce this willjam willing ear once more. If used for self, they perish with the using, but if spent for Christ, they reap dividends throughout eternity. After all, he was their father in the faith, and parents ordinarily provide for their children, not vice versa.

Lord Crucified, give me a heart like Thine! It means that self abdicates the throne. We can take discipeship and thoughts of home into the far country. And, incidentally, it was an article written by an atheist that spurred Studd to all-out dedication to Christ. His fate is, like the savorless salt, to be trampled under foot of men—by their derision, and contempt and scorn.


The Lord Jesus noted that in Discipledhip kingdom there would be those who would become, as it were, eunuchs for His sake:. God has called us to world dominion.

Forsaking all for Christ saves us from hypocrisy in prayer. None need fear physical violence from them; men need only to fear their prayers and their unquenchable witness.

This is definitely a voluntary vow which a person takes as a result of two factors:.

In other words, it means what those he rebukes for saying it doesn’t mean everything say it means To be a half-hearted Christian can only insure a miserable existence.

But let the simple believer storm the gates of heaven with childlike trust.

To him all the diamonds, rubies and pearls, all the bank deposits, all the insurance policies, all the mansions, pleasure boats and magnificent cars are but mammon of unrighteousness.

The increased effectiveness of united action is suggested by Deuteronomy