The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ was originally published in by its author, the Russian-born and well-traveled aristocrat, Nicolas Notovitch. It consists of a. The Unknown Life. OF. JESUS CHRIST. Bv the Discoverer of the Manuscript. NICOLAS NOTOVITCH. Translated from the French by. ALEXINA LORANGER. The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ has ratings and 29 reviews. Rama said: The Indian gospel of Jesus Christ summarized by NotovitchLong before J.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Mar 22, Mike rated it it was ok. Oct 25, Balaji Sundarrajan rated it liked it. While Notovitch is convalescing from a broken leg, an ancient manuscript read to him about Issa. The Jewish people were labeled killers but in this historical treatise we see the real killer, pagan Rome. Lists with This Book. The author is, however, too convinced as to the truth of his theories, betraying a very Deist mindset that he is probably unaware of.

I the unknown life of jesus christ by nicolas notovitch how he presents the argument that it was the Romans, not the Jewish priesthood, that were responsible for the condemnation of Jesus.

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Nicolas Notovitch – Wikipedia

Mesus story– worthwhile whether or not it has any basis in reality. On the balance, there may be some core truth to this hypothesis which has yet to be uncovered.

Nov 12, G. The entire story was invented by Notovitch, who earned a good deal of money and a substantial amount of notoriety for his hoax. What Douglas learned there concurred with what Mueller had learned: Other authors have taken these themes and incorporated it into their own works.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch

His trip leads him to Jagannath, located in the modern state of Orissa where Hindu priests receive him with open arms and teach him Sanskrit language and Vedas chapter 5, verses Views Read Edit View history.


While I do agree that the Gospels of the New Testament are written in such a way that can hte construed as harshly vilifying the Jews the unknown life of jesus christ by nicolas notovitch sympathizing with Pilate and his position, it is a well established fact that Jewish leaders at the time did make deals with Roman governors to try and make life under Roman rule as comfortable as possible. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading.

An alternative view to the life of Jesus I like the approach to the history and culture presented on the subject. The head lama replied that there had been no western visitor at the monastery in the previous fifteen years, during which he had been the head lama there, and there were no documents related to Notovitch’s story. The book suggests that he spent that time studying at the hands of Buddhist masters during a sojourn into Chrlst.

The part on the divinity of the the unknown life of jesus christ by nicolas notovitch is extremely beautiful.

But ye shall die like men and fall like one of the princes. Published 4 months ago.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch – Free Ebook

Prepare to discover the most ancient and secret book, which will reveal the true purpose of your existence both on Earth and in the Universe. Upon this, an old woman who had approached the group, to better hear Issa, was pushed aside by one of the disguised men, who placed himself before her. This account was supposed to have been written shortly after Jesus’ death.

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ 3. The fifth edition of the the unknown life of jesus christ by nicolas notovitch in English was published inwhich also contains as an Appendix, an English translation of Notovich’s Life of Saint Issa translated from French. The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ. Nothing concrete, a fanciful account! Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Lao Tzu.


This fact has been upheld by Jewish scholars and historians today. Having studied Hinduism and Buddhism for six years, Jesus was deeply influenced by Buddha’s teachings. After his return to Bengal, the Swami asked his assistant Bhairab Chaitanya to prepare a manuscript of the travelogue based on the notes he had taken.

I will be the first to admit the unknown life of jesus christ by nicolas notovitch my beliefs on Jesus are not the standard theology taught in seminaries and churches throughout the world, but in my mind, it speaks to the influences that Jesus found to be Godly, and underpins why Christianity, and truly Christian beliefs, are the most humane and loving of the three religions worshipping the God of Abraham.

A love story with a secret at its heart.

Then it goes into the alleged documen This book claims to be relating a lost document found in a Buddhist monastery that tells of that unrecorded time of Jesus’ life from about the age of 12 to There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Books by Nicolas Notovitch. Ready to take a risk? See All Goodreads Deals…. Whoso doth not respect his mother—the most sacred the unknown life of jesus christ by nicolas notovitch after his God—is unwor I skipped Nicolas’ journey and went straight for the Issa Texts. Then follows an account of the Incarnation. A somewhat interesting yarn about the life of Jesus between the age of 13 and time he began his ministry at age Jesus Lived in India: