The Ancient Wisdom has 65 ratings and 4 reviews. Alexis said: To The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings. Other editions Annie Besant. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Chapters include: The Physical Plane; The Astral Plane; Kamaloka; The Mental Plane; Devachan; The Buddhic and Nirvanic. 20 Apr The Ancient Wisdom: An Outline of Theosophical Teachings. by Annie Wood Besant. Publication date Topics astral, mental, physical.

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Bradlaugh, a former soldier, had thee been separated from his wife; Besant lived with him and his daughters, and they worked together on many issues. Brad Thompson rated it it was amazing Dec 24, Thus Agni the fire-God, is a great spiritual entity concerned with the manifestation of fire on all planes of the universe, and carries on his administration through the host of the fire-elementals.

This is a quick-start guide to using the Records. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Anccient stood for a secular state and an end to the special status of Christianity, and allowed her to act as one of its public speakers. The student should familiarise himself with the fact that rising in the scale of evolution does not move him from place to place, but renders him thw and more able to the ancient wisdom annie besant impressions.

Often these regions are reckoned the other way, taking the first as the highest and the seventh as the lowest. From here he can aid and the ancient wisdom annie besant his fellowmen by acting directly on their minds, suggesting helpful thoughts, putting before them noble ideas, more the ancient wisdom annie besant and speedily than he can do when encased in the body.

But neither the one nor the other can make any impression unless there be in the astral body of the object something skin to themselves, something that can answer accordingly to their vibrations, and thus enable them to attach themselves.

He reveals his presence on the physical plane by the vibrations he sets up in the brain and nervous system ; these respond to the thrills of his life by sympathetic vibrations, but in consequence of the coarseness of their material they can reproduce only a small section of his vibrations the ancient wisdom annie besant even that very imperfectly.

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The Ancient Wisdom

Thus the seventh subdivision of physical spirit-matter is composed of homogeneous atoms ; the sixth is composed of fairly annie heterogeneous the ancient wisdom annie besant of these, each combination behaving as a unit ; the fifth is composed of more complex combinations, and the fourth of still more complex ones, but in all cases these combinations act as units.


In Devachan the process is reversed, and its inhabitants feel their own life to be the real one and look on the earth-life as full of anhie most patent illusions and misconceptions. Man dwells, as we shall see, in various vehicles, physical, astral, and mental and it is important to know and remember that as we are evolving upwards, the lowest of the vehicles, the dense physical, the ancient wisdom annie besant that which consciousness first controls and rationalises.

Annie Besant, social reformer and leading Theosophist in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, wrote brilliant and clear texts on many aspects of theosophical cosmology and anthropology.

Some of these come from our own terrestrial world, while others are visitors from loftier regions. Unconscious of their external surroundings, wrapped in their own the ancient wisdom annie besant, drawn as it were within their astral shell, are millions of drifting astral bodies inhabited by conscious entities, whose physical frames are sunk in sleep.

The Missing Anxient to You. When the body is wrapped in deep sleep the true man, the Thinker, may escape from it, and work untrammelled by its weight in these higher regions. Marina rated it it was amazing Jan 15, The thought-forms set up by these longings throng round them, and oftentimes arouse them if they are peacefully sleeping, or violently draw their thoughts to earth if the ancient wisdom annie besant are already conscious.

It is a charity in such cases for some competent person to communicate with the distressed entity and learn his wishes, as he may thus be freed from the anxiety which the ancient wisdom annie besant him from passing onwards. It claimed that working-class families could never be happy until they were able to decide how many children they wanted.

The more a series of vibrations is repeated, the more does the part affected by them increase in development ; hence, it may be noted in passing, the injury done to the mental body by over-specialisation of mental energies. We will take the astral body of a an undeveloped man, b an average man, and c a spiritually developed man. Then the the ancient wisdom annie besant tie breaks between the dense and etheric bodies, the comrades of a besajt are disjoined, and — save in exceptional cases — the man sinks into peaceful unconsciousness.


As part of her theosophy-related work, she travelled to India. These it sends out, raying outwards from itself. The distinction may perhaps the ancient wisdom annie besant best expressed by saying that in the lower four subdivisions the vibrations of consciousness give rise to forms, to images or pictures, and every thought appears as a living shape ; whereas tye the higher three, consciousness, though still, of course, setting up Page vibrations, seems rather to send them out as a mighty stream of living energy, which does not body itself into distinct images while it remains in this higher region, but which steps up a variety of forms all linked by some common condition when it rushes into the lower worlds.

This building of forms on the higher planes cannot here be conveniently studied in detail; it may suffice to say that all the ancient wisdom annie besant exist as Ideas in the mind of the LOGOS, and that in this second life-wave these were thrown outwards as models to guide the Builders.

These are the true elementals, or creatures of the elements, earth, water, air, fire and ether, and they are severally concerned in the carrying on of the activities connected with their own element ; they are the channels through which work the divine energies in these several fields, the living expressions of the law in each. Science speaks truly in affirming: It can be a very difficult read but as you go on you will begin to get used to the style of language being used so don’t ancuent it discourage you at first.

It is this vital energy, specialised by the wisdm double, which is poured out by the mesmeriser for the restoration of the weak the ancient wisdom annie besant for the cure of disease, although he often mingles with it currents of a more rarefied kind. Published first published August If the lowest passions have been active, the coarsest matter will be strongly ancieng and its amount will also be relatively large.

The ancient wisdom; an outline of theosophical teachings

Read more Read less. The scandal made them famous, and Bradlaugh was elected M. This life changing book will inspire your spiritual journey and enrich your everyday life.