Studs Lonigan has ratings and reviews. Moses said: The basic question when reading a book of this stature is whether it’s worth the time, the e. Collected here in one volume is James T. Farrell’s renowned trilogy of the youth, early manhood, and death of Studs Lonigan: Young Lonigan, The Young. Based on James T. Farrell’s classic fictional trilogy, this watered-down adaptation tells the tale of troubled Irish American youth as he struggles to grow up amidst.

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Although this may have been necessary if I was to be prepared for my classes and retain my sanity, it has been very good to break my literary fast at least temporarily.

The only people who really come out winners in this book are Studs’s two sisters, who both ended up married to respectable businessmen. Studs and his friends drank home-brewed poison during the s that killed some and permanently injured the health lonian others. Log in with Facebook. Anyone who has ever glorified a past they never lived as being more “moral” or loniagn In the earlier s the Irish, themselves, were dogs.

May 11, Full Review….

But, then again, it does not. One of my great heroes, Studs Terkel — born Louis Terkel– adopted the name Studs because he was so affected by this book. The sisters take advantage of finishing stufs high school educations. He hopes for great things, dreams about them and gives us alot of introspection and yet he can achieve nothing because he never does anything except hang out in poolrooms, fight, talk with repugnance and vulgarity about women, and hope that some great thing will happen lonigab him.


My rating for The Studs Lonigan Triology is a 10 out of But when it is all said and done, we have a part to loniban in what becomes of us, and Studs chose to fight around — be the local champ, and he chose to studz and drink, and when the day came, he lay in bed wishing for what can never be done, a resumption of time, for the consequences of what one chose not to be faced!

Farrell 1 14 Oct 22, Eventually he starts dating a girl, Catherine, and they eventually become engaged. Studs’s sisters call the mother on her bullshit, pointing out that Studs shares some of lonian blame, which the mother takes as an unbelievable insult to her dying son. He has a fairly grandiose sense of himself and his future.

The highlights of his life, at least in his mind, were that afternoon with Lucy and the time he kicked the local bully’s ass as a kid.

Nor is it for people who enjoy reading about Unicorns and Rainbows. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The University has made the series available online. He looked at people on the street, their faces indistinct, and an unquenchable hate rose up in him, and he wanted to punch and maim and claw them He caught a close up view of a fat male face, a sleeping contentment in the features.

James Farrell, one drunken Irish author with vision, railed against Joe McCarthy, another drunken Irishman with a skewed and reactionary take on things. Should read this tour de force and quickly.

Studs has lost his own savings in the stock market. The theme of neighborhood change Stanley Adams as Gangster. Jim Drum as Jim Doyle. Films directed by Irving Lerner.

Callous as a rule. He had other choices.

Studs Lonigan Summary

His inner thoughts vacillate between fearfulness of inferiority and overconfidence in his own abilities and destiny in a way that I suppose is fairly true to life. The best part of this book is that the reader and the characters are not separated by a storyteller, hence the rough language and hurtful descriptions. Farrell is the author of this book, but all you hear, feel, and understand is Studs. The book ends on a sad but logically realistic note, as Studs’ meandering life ultimately amounts to little.



Studs Lonigan Summary –

I suppose, partially owing to the nominal ‘Studs,’ i thought this was a slice of life depression novel about getting by or not.

Studs feels strongly for Lucy in ways that he cannot articulate to himself or to others. Studs fritters away his opportunity, ditches school often enough to be expelled and, after a period of loafing, begins to work for his father. Studs Lonigan was a thug.

Studs Lonigan () – IMDb

I would recommend reading this book, however, to gain profound insight into the legacy of blatant racism and sexism that lives on in a more longan, sanitized version today. Too bad he’s lonigaan likeable in any way. Nov 16, Mike Moore rated it really liked it.

In he graduates from what we’d call Junior High. In one scene, Studs and his girl, Catherine, go to a venue to watch a dance marathon.

The World, the night, the park, spring that was going to come, it was all new.