Sony introduces a powerful addition to its network HD camera lineup, the SNC- CH This dual-stream network HD camera, supporting H,. MPEG-4, and. View full Sony IPELA SNC-CH specs on CNET. The Sony SNC-CH outdoor bundle includes a powerful HDp resolution camera, intelligent video analytics and ViewDR software for wide dynamic range, .

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PoE Power over Ethernet capability and support for multiple codecs provides ultimate flexibility snv system design, integration and installation. JPEG, the best choice of high-quality still images. Images can be streamed in H.

In extremely poor lighting conditions the camera will switch from a colour image to an infrared-sensitive black and white image, offering an effective surveillance presence is almost all conditions snc ch140 lighting required, not supplied. By filtering out irrelevant material, DEPA technology significantly cuts down on network and storage requirements. Expand all Snc ch140 all. For improved image quality, you can snc ch140 the brightness and color reproduction of the image on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver 6. High quality, ceiling microphone for IP security snc ch140. Outdoor Antenna Cable Kit. Snc ch140 SNC-CH is snc ch140 for scenarios where facial identification is a priority, such as in warehouses and bus and train terminals.

Low light IP Cameras. Dual streaming any combination with H. It also overcomes the problems associated with many competitor camera models. System Requirements Operating System. The values for dimensions are approximate. Exposure compensation, AGC, Shutter speed. Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the newly developed Easy Focus function which automatically adjusts to the native sn. The camera stores and updates ambient audio levels and frequencies, and when the threshold level based on this data, is surpassed, an alarm is triggered.


IP camera brands Axis Snc ch140.

Alongside this, the SNC-CH sports a number of image processing techniques to improve picture quality in challenging conditions. Composite video 1Vp-p 1 x sensor input 2 x alarm output External Microphone Snc ch140 Available with version 1. This event can also be used to activate the camera relays, or even snc ch140 start the Voice Alert function.


Recorded footage can be stored ch10 or locally on the camera snc ch140 using a CompactFlash card not supplied. XDNR technology for clear low-light images XDNR Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction technology virtually eliminates image blur in low-light conditions, enabling users to clearly capture images that have not snc ch140 easy to portray in the past. In addition, dual streaming of these formats is also possible. No Longer Available Update Location close.

Tamper Alarm When an attempt is made to tamper snc ch140 the camera, such as spray-painting the lens, the SNC-CH detects this and triggers an alarm. Outdoor IP Cameras – Static view. What’s more, when both XDNR and Visibility Enhancer are turned on, the cameras can achieve four times snc ch140 sensitivity compared to when they are off.

This feature greatly reduces the physical infrastructure costs and speed of deployment.

snc ch140 Allows interoperability between network video devices. Cu140 SNC-CH camera can be powered from ch10 network itself via an Ethernet cable without any extra wiring for auxiliary power outlets.

The DEPA Platform – Intelligent Video Analytics Offers intelligent motion detection functions including object detection and the ability snc ch140 cg140 up a virtual borderline This information passed on either to the NSR Series recorder snc ch140 the IMZ-RS Series software, where after analysis, a predetermined course of action such as activating an alarm or initiating image recording is triggered Filters out irrelevant material and significantly cuts down on network and storage requirements.


This technology is ideal for snc ch140 outdoor surveillance monitoring, such as in a car park at night. Get Our Newsletter – For all the latest products and promotions. Yes with built-in Post Filter. Snc ch140 Audio Detection Unlike conventional audio detection where an alarm is triggered based on a preset audio level, the SNC-CH triggers its alarms based on ambient sound conditions as the threshold.

Minimum Illumination 30 IRE.

Specialist IP Camera Store – Supply & Solutions

Mini jack monauralMaximum snc ch140 level: This level of clarity combined with state-of-the-art image processing make the CH one of the most snf CCTV cameras on the market. This allows a network connection and a power supply to be sent to the snc ch140 through a single cable, simplifying installation and reducing costs. Be the first to review this item.

The snc ch140 enhancer’s advanced system suppresses extreme whites c140 boosts dark areas in a scene simultaneously and dynamically, to produce clearer images on the screen. Mini-jack monauralsnc ch140 output level: An outdoor POE version is available.

Top 10 best sellers. Number of Effective Pixels. Snc ch140 Enhancer for improved performance in challenging lighting conditions Sony’s visibility enhancer technology VE improves performance in challenging lighting conditions, for example high-contrast environments, such as casinos and highways, that had previously been difficult to monitor. Minimum Illumination 50 IRE. Snc ch140 new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Interface Analog Video Output. SNC Video Player v.