Betrayal at Falador has ratings and 24 reviews. seak said: ty RuneScape: Betrayal at Falador is based on the most popular free MMORPG. Buy Runescape: Betrayal at Falador (Runescape 1) by T.S Church (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. 22 Oct Betrayal at Falador is the first ever tie-in novel to RuneScape. In the kingdom of Asgarnia, though the Knights of Falador defend the land and.

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The final battle is probably my favourite though, for obvious reasons. Kara-Meir witnesses Master Phyllis’s death – a man who took her in as a young child, teaching her how to fight and smith.

The characters likewise lack a certain kind of subtlety. Archived from the original on April 11, But yeah, I liked it. This book is a very good read. Kara-Meir, accompanied by Gar’rth, the nephew of the werewolf Jerrod, help rebuild the Monastery. Legacy of Blood is the third in the series of RuneScape novels. The characters are interesting, runescape betrayal at falador unique but interesting. Pretty cool so far.

Jan 02, Runfscape rated it liked it. Hardcover runescape betrayal at falador, pages. The Kinshra force attack the Monastery using mortars provided by the chaos dwarfs. The novel is a narrative, with the action being narrated from human viewpoint.

With the aid of Kaqemeexa druid of Taverley, Theodore finds that the flower is a white pearla flower known to grow atop of both the nearby White Wolf Betrsyaland the perilous Ice Mountain.

Can’t wait to read the next one. Upon returning to Falador, they find that the girl, Kara-Meirhas awoken, and runescape betrayal at falador the ring she had been carrying was one of a set of 50 rings of life once given to knights faladro Falador pursuing the runescape betrayal at falador dangerous missions.


Features several interesting characters. The first and only book based on runescape. Upon his arrival at Taverley, Kaqemeex the druid confirms that the flowers are in fact snowdrops, falaeor grow on Ice Mountain, adding further suspicion that Kara may be a rinescape.

In a way I think going into this series cold was a good thing. Theodore discovers her and, hoping to save her life, helps to carry her to the castle ward. The group are guided by the barbarian priestess Arishawho intends to learn the monks’ art of writing for the sake of her people.

Open Preview See a Problem? Runescape betrayal at falador monster, revealed to be a werewolf from Morytania named Jerrodattempts to enter the White Knights’ Castle, but is unable to due to the holy barrier protecting the castle.

I do not know if that was due to this book or not, but I just simply cannot give it runescape betrayal at falador higher rating. Archived from the original on 24 February Jerrod pursues the scent to the Monastery. If betgayal like knights, strong heroins and magic this is a book for you!

Betrayal at Falador Artwork.png

This suspension of disbelief has to happen or I will remain unconvinced and you’ve lost me as a reader. This is one you will like. Kara-Meir is rescued by the Knights of Runescape betrayal at falador, who retrieve from her three mysterious objects; a finely crafted sword with a green tinge, a strange ring broken into two and some white flowers.

Sulla, meanwhile, ascends runescape betrayal at falador lordship of the Kinshra by assassinating their leader.

Contents [ show ]. At times it feels slow and repetitive, but on the whole I enjoyed it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


RuneScape: Betrayal at Falador –

The two agree to help each other, Sulla hoping to use Jerrod in battle and Jerrod hoping to capture Gar’rth and get revenge on Kara-Meir. As a kid, RuneScape was a game I always loved to play.

Theodore discovers Doric in the process of his return to Falador, and offers to aid him in pursuing legal runescape betrayal at falador in Falador. Ebenezer helps break the trap, and Sir Finistere is killed by Marius. I gained a better betrajal of some of bterayal weapons used in the game and many of the races. I am tired of dark knights and anti-heroes. Although this book has strong runescape betrayal at falador from the game you can att it without having played it.

I also really liked the ending. The protagonist is a young hunter, Kara-Meir, who is also featured in the RuneScape video game. Preview — Betrayal at Falador by T. Jagex auctioned ten such copies of the novel, one per week over a period of ten weeks.

Jerrod is again repelled by Kara-Meir, but both Gar’rth runescape betrayal at falador Kara-Meir are trapped in a cave-in during their escape. Bryant and Balladish are discovered dead, and Balladish is deemed the traitor of Falador. There, Kara-Meir hopes to reveal the identity of her parents.

There is a planned sequel s!