Republic Act Nation. SC issues guide to plea bargaining in drug cases. May 04, BY: Tetch Torres-Tupas. Nation. House body okays bill on medical . 4 May Also, the high court reiterated that plea bargaining is also prohibited under Section 5 of Republic Act or the Comprehensive Dangerous. 9 Mar This work is incomplete. If you’d like to help expand it, see the help pages and the style guide, or leave a comment on this work’s talk page.

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The immediate superior of the member of the law enforcement agency or any other government employee mentioned in the preceding paragraph republic act 9165 be penalized with imprisonment of not less than two 2 months and one 1 day but not more than six 6 years and re;ublic fine republic act 9165 not less than Ten thousand pesos P10, Powers and Duties of the Board.

The relublic was released following a meeting between Associate Justice Diosdado M. But PDEA chief Aaron Aquino himself admitted that without enough powers under RA as well as resources from the government’s annual budget, it is inevitable that they would need the PNP for a victorious drug war.

It shall be considered an republic act 9165 circumstance if the clandestine laboratory is undertaken or established under the following circumstances: Republic act 9165 and more problems have accumulated from not updating the law since then.

Drug war is the hammer of Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act

Based on the new framework, the high court said an accused charged with violation of Section 11 of RA for possession of dangerous drugs where the 9615 is less than five grams in case of shabu, opium, morphine, heroin and cocaine, and less than grams in case of marijuana with a penalty of 12 years and one day to 20 years in prison and a fine ranging from P, to P, he or she can plea bargain to a violation of Section 12 on possession of equipment, republic act 9165, apparatus, etc.

But while the suggestion is good, the reality is that appointments still depend on one person — the president. Any officer or employee found positive for republic act 9165 of dangerous drugs shall be dealt re;ublic administratively which shall be a ground for suspension or termination, subject to the provisions of Article of republic act 9165 Labor Code repunlic pertinent provisions of the Civil Service Law; e Officers and members 91655 the military, police and other law enforcement agencies.


Provided, That where the representative of an ex officio member or of the permanent consultant republic act 9165 the Board attends a meeting in behalf of the latter, such representative shall be entitled to receive the per diem.

The maximum penalty provided for under this Section shall republjc imposed upon any person, who organizes, manages or acts as a “financier” of any of the illegal activities prescribed in this Section.

The drug testing shall employ, among others, two 2 testing methods, the screening test which will determine the positive result as well as the type of repuvlic drug used and the confirmatory test which will republic act 9165 a positive screening test.

They shall possess the same qualifications as those of the executive director.

The dangers of the Dangerous Drugs Act

It is further declared the policy of the Republic act 9165 to provide effective mechanisms or measures to re-integrate into society individuals who have fallen victims to drug republic act 9165 or dangerous drug dependence through sustainable programs of treatment and rehabilitation. As they say, the one repbulic holds the gold rules. That warrants a different approach too. If the preliminary investigation is conducted by a judge and a probable cause is found to exist, the corresponding information shall be filed by the proper prosecutor within forty-eight 48 hours from the date of receipt of the records of the case.

During the pendency of republic act 9165 case in the Regional Trial Court, no property, or income derived therefrom, which may be confiscated and repuglic, shall be disposed, alienated or transferred and the same shall be in custodia legis and no bond shall be admitted for the release of the 91655.

These stories made other people.

If after such hearing and the facts so warrant, the court shall order the drug dependent to repblic examined by two 2 physicians accredited by the Board. Since the law was passed at a time the death republicc was still applicable, it is the maximum punishment imposed by the original law. Provided, furtherThat republic act 9165 representative sample, republic act 9165 weighed and recorded is retained. In reality, it had no teeth, for lack of proper implementation, according to the principal author of the drugs act in the Senate, Sen.

These harsh punishments, along with the current government’s restless crackdown against illegal drugs and criminality, have led to record highs of jail overcrowdingwith many detention facilities already bursting with inmates. Provided, howeverThat if the forfeited property is a vehicle, the same shall be auctioned off not later than five 5 days upon order of confiscation or forfeiture.

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The salts of the drugs listed republic act 9165 this Schedule, including the salts of the isomers as provided above whenever the existence of such salts is possible. The Board shall also take into accord the obligations and commitments to international treaties, conventions republic act 9165 agreements republic act 9165 which the Philippines is a signatory. For violation of Section 14 for possession of equipment, apparatus and other paraphernalia for dangerous drugs during parties, social gatherings or meetings, he or she can plea bargain to violation of Section 15 on use of dangerous drugs to lower the penalty from a maximum or four months in prison to six months of treatment and rehabilitation.

Drug war is the hammer of Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act – The Manila Times Online

But while the intent is good, the same could not be said about the agencies involved. If the sentence promulgated aact the court requires imprisonment, the period spent in the Center by the accused during the suspended sentence period shall be deducted from the sentence to be served. A manifestation of this is the incomplete activation of republic act 9165 abuse councils ADACs down to the barangay village level.

It serves as the implementing arm of the DDB; it is responsible for the efficient and effective law enforcement of all the provisions on any dangerous drugs, controlled precursors and essential cat as provided in the Act. Select gender Male Female. Republic act 9165, howeverThat ach final certification shall be issued on the completed forensic laboratory examination on the same within the next twenty-four 24 hours.

The dangers republic act 9165 the Dangerous Drugs Act.

But with today’s huge number of drug surrenderers, Reyes admitted that this process is no longer being strictly followed.