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Satta, similarly speaks of the canopy spread out over the head of Lahina, i. Your miracles increase two-fold, even four-fold; this is the True Lord’s true blessing. Whatever His Master gave, He spent; He distributed it all to be eaten. The Guru gave the True Command; why should we hesitate to proclaim this? Such is the Husband of mother Khivi; He sustains the world. The Vdr comprises eight ramlali or stanzas, of unequal length, varying from seven to twentyone lines with no slokas added.

The four Gurus enlightened the four ages; the Lord Himself assumed the fifth form. You are vvaar Avataar, the Incarnation of the all-knowing Primal Lord.

Ramkali Ki Var – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

Nanak established the kingdom; He built the true fortress on the strongest foundations. Pregnant phrases and expressions from Ramkalt ki Varhave become current in the Sikh tradition.

The Guru bowed down to His disciple, while Nanak was still alive. Based on Bootstrap Data Source Sikher. He placed the arrow of the Lord’s Praise in the bow of Truth.

His divine virtues are the true sisters and brothers; through them, the gift of supreme status is obtained. You are not pushed or shaken by the storm and the wind; you are like the Sumayr Mountain.

For instance, sil alum rock tastelessin referring to attempt something involving great personal sacrifice; or putri kaulu na pdlio This was entirely a new ministry that had been launched by the Supreme Being. Guru Granth Sahib Toggle navigation. The two bards, for the first time spoke of joti, spirituality, and jugati, ideals of conduct, as combined in the vision ramjali Nanak.

These evil-hearted ones became rebellious; they carry loads of sin on their backs. He raised the royal canopy to wave over ramkalli head of Lehna, and raised His glory to the skies.

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The same mark on the forehead, the same throne, and the same Royal Court.

Ramkali Ki Var

In the spiritual sequence faar of them refer to Guru Nanak as the grandfather, Arigad as the son of Nanak and Amar Das as rakkali grandson of Nanak. The Rais and Dums, the bard clans, were Muslim by faith.

The lines in stanza II, hovai sifati khasamm di nuru arasahu kurasahu jhatlai, tudhu dithe sache pdiisdh malu janam janam di katlai, constitute the customary prelude to the opening for recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib.

Both Satta and Balvand allude to the spiritual and regal dignity of the House of Guru Damkali Balvand declares that all the Gurus shared the same light and the same path and methodjoti ohd jugati sdi. Greed ruins mankind, like the green algae in the water. Amritsar, Amole, S.

Greed, envy, sexual desire, anger and emotional ramjali – You have beaten them and driven them out. Those blessings granted by the Pleasure of the True Guru – please bless Satta with those gifts. From it, He extracted the fourteen jewels, and illuminated the world. People of the world can see only what ramkalii near at hand, but You can see far beyond. Guru Ram Das and Guru Arjan have been praised as souls completely identified with the Supreme Being, for they had transcended ramkzli human limitations.

Those self-willed manmukhs who do not serve the Guru die in shame. Your kitchen always has ghee and flour to eat. Balvand and Rammkali, related to each other, however, performed tartan in the time of Guru Arjan who could scarcely pay them a more befitting compliment than immortalizing their names and poetic skill by including their Vdr in the Guru Granth Sahib.

The talented bards and versifiers from such clans earned their livelihood by singing eulogies of their patrons, landed aristocrats, especially of their heroic deeds performed in combats, feuds, and battles in an exalted, epic style and form.

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Satta refers to the new scat at Khadur established by Guru Arigad, for the propagation of the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak. Seeing Nanak’s canopy waving over Your head, everyone was astonished. Meditation, austerities and self-discipline rest with You, while the others are filled with excessive pride.


Balvand opens his first paunor stanza by referring to the justice or decree of the Creator which none can challenge. From east to west, He illuminates the four directions. Coronation Ode, is the joint composition of the bards Balvand and Satta. In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, there was only pitch darkness. Then the True Guru, the son of Pheru, came to dwell at Khadoor.

You are overflowing with the nine treasures, and the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

He made intuition his horse, and chastity his saddle. When Lehna alone was found to be pure, then He was set on the throne. He took the thousand-headed serpent as his churning string, and with the force of devotional love, he churned the ocean of the world with his churning stick, the Sumayr mountain.


Retrieved from ” http: Then, the True Guru, the son of Pheru, came to dwell at Khadoor. These minstrels have brought out not only the celestial grandeur marking the coronation of the Gurus but have also given expression to one of the fundamental SIKH convictions, namely the identity in spirit of all the Gurus, whose line of descent is not of the flesh but of the Word communicated from one to the other.

The conception of the spiritual ministry of Nanak was articulated for the first time by these minstrels, and it at ramkaki caught at imagination of the Sikh people. As it appears, these bards were in their moment of inspiration taken with the idea of paying homage to the Gurus, conceiving them as kings, kings of the House ofNanak, imaginatively and retrospectively at their installation.

Blessed is Your place, and True is Your magnificent glory.