Interactive Map of the Boundary Waters (BWCA) and Quetico Provincial Park with a route time and distance calculator. Quetico Provincial Park, located in northwestern Ontario on the international border with Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota, is one of the . Quetico Provincial Park. Made with Google My Maps. No results. Search this map. Move map to. From your map. show all on map. From Google. Map Data.

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Include Affiliate ID Warning: One must portage and paddle to Beaverhouse, and paddle or take a tow from an outfitter to Cache Bay or Prairie Portage. To learn more, call Customs directly at Doing this route in eight days is recommended for strong and experienced paddlers.

You must be logged in to comment on portages. Quetico park has no roads, no motorized equipment and only unimproved campsites no fire grates or latrines like in the BWCAW.

quetico provincial park map

Official Quetico Park Map. Turn south and follow the international boundary back to the Prairie Portage area. The Quetico forest—at the transition zone between mixed hardwoods of the Lake Superior region and quetico provincial park map conifers of the farther north—is composed of coniferous species like the white, red, and jack pine, and black spruce and deciduous trees like aspen and birch.

Route Finder Area Settings. For entry into the United States via land and sea borders, U. Javascript is not enabled on your browser.

At least 14 days before your trip call the Ontario Parks reservation line at The grievances of the band were not addressed until when the Minister of Natural Resources, Bud Wildmanmade an apology in the legislature for the move.

You must be logged in to rate campsites. These large nap parks are quetico provincial park map collectively referred to as the Boundary Waters or the Quetico-Superior Country.

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Quetico Provincial Park Guide

The times and distances are accurate for the route presented. Quetico provincial park map more at http: To see the full list of rates, visit the Ontario Parks fees web page.

This method calculates much more quickly than the normal method, but it may not choose the optimal route.

The origin of the park’s name is a mystery. Canadians must present a Canadian birth certificate, a Canadian passport, a permanent residence card, a citizenship card or quetico provincial park map certificate of Indian status.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area & Quetico Provincial Park – Canada – Fisher Maps

Plan a Quetico canoe trip into queticco heart of the park and you can travel for days without seeing another group and make a campsite wherever you decide to spend the night. Motor vehicles, including boats, were banned in the Quetico inwith the exception of the Lac La Croix Guides Association, part of the Lac La Croix First Nationwhich is allowed to operate power boats with engines no more than 10 horsepower 7.

Customs Border Quetico provincial park map officer for inspection upon completion of your trip. Understanding the quetico provincial park map ahead progincial time will ease your remote border crossing. There are also a wide variety of birds living in the park. Please check the route to make sure it makes sense. From there, portage back to Pickerel Lake and return to Nym Lake by reversing the route you followed on the first day.

Though the Dawson Trail Campground area is possibly the busiest site in the park, the wilderness area just south of it is quetico provincial park map the least busy. You can also check out these details on the Canada Border Services Agency web site or call their office at Dawson Trail Ranger Station One of two park stations accessible by car.

Waterproof Map of Quetico Park

Protected areas of Ontario. Group size may not exceed 9 members. Turn north into the Falls Chain to enjoy the collection of waterfalls there. There was quetico provincial park map error with the Route Finder Area calculation. And the goal here IS wilderness paddling.

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Read the summary below to get started, and be sure to visit the Canada Border Services Agency web site for the most complete and up to date information. Views Read Edit View history.

It is an offence to possess non-burnable and non-reusable food or beverage containers. It is furthermore illegal to damage live trees and other plants. And if you like Quetico, or want quetico provincial park map superb momento of the Quetico “Experience” we recommend you qietico purchasing Quetico: There are 21 Quetico entry points, each assigned to one of 6 ranger stations, 3 of which Lac la Quetico provincial park map, Prairie Portage, and Cache Bay are on the Minnesota border.

Children under eighteen need only provide a prvoincial document.

Quetico Provincial Park Entry Point Map ·

Please use this form to report any errors or inconsistencies in the RouteFinder. However, now the park is strictly managed as a wilderness recreation area and for wildlife preservation.

Upon reaching Pickerel Lake, paddling through Nym and Batchewaung lakes, steer an easterly course through Pickerel Quetico provincial park map then head south and southwest through Dore and Twin lakes to gigantic Sturgeon Lake. Obtain permit at Prairie Portage Ranger Station. Atikokan Beaverhouse Lake Ranger Station Beaverhouse is an entry lake, with the Ranger Station on the south side, you will paddle into the park in order to get your permit.