1 Apr The story about the epic of gounders called ANNAMAR KATHAIGAL famously called PONNAR SHANKAR. PONNAR SHANKAR -CHERA CHIEFTAINS OF KONGUMANDALAM: The story is said to be that of two war heroes of Kongumandalam – Ponnar and Shankar. 21 Mar Lakshmy ramakrishnan is an indian actress ponnar shankar story in tamil pdf free download and director. she made her debut in the malayalam.

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Goddess Sellandi brings back their two sons, Ponnar-Sankar to Kunnudaiyan. In course of time, Thamari became pregnant. How can I send a newsletter from my topic? She was attending to Thamari as advised by Chlellatha gounder. Thamari was equally angry with her father. In the ensuing fight, Ponnar killed Kali and avenged the death of his brother.

Learn more about the different existing integrations and their benefits. The same is seen here also. Ponnar shankar story in Temples are ponnar shankar story in landmark of the Kongu region. Kolatha Gounder summoned his brother Chellatha Gounder and the household worker Cholan Thotti to his house. Ponnar Sankar is another one, in which the stoory, buildings, and many other ponnra are wrongly depicted.

Watch Viraam Hindi Movie If you want to get shanksr, click one of these buttons! Thattans tries to put stone on his head, while Ponnar comes outside.

Ponnar Shankar Story

She found her dead brothers in the battleground and was overwhelmed with grief. Ponnar Sankar story starts from their grandfathers. The story has been recited and passed as a folk tale through many generations in very rustic traditions as songs which were known as gramiya padalgal or folk songs and have been enacted as folk entertainment through street theater which were known as Therru Koothu.

She went to the body of Sankar and stitched the wounds of Sankar un resurrected him by performing some holy rituals. Then all the people die. Hi, My kula deivam is annamar swamy, another name of Ponnar Sankar. Dhanasekar Manickam June 24, at Kolatha gounder’s wife Pavathal had a brother named Malai Kolunthu living in the village Maniam Kurichi.


A fierce battle ensued. At that time, as Thamari was entertaining beggars with food and grain gifts, they decided to approach her as beggars and reveal their identity after reaching her. This pooja is performed every year and the same Padukalam was performed by the people with very ponnar shankar story in way.

Download ponnar shankar story in mp4 mobile smartphone videos of Dekh Tamasha Dekh Trailer. Ashok samy November 24, at 7: It was decided that Ponnar would ask for the shwnkar of Muthayee and Sankar would ask for the hand of Ponnar shankar story in.

Ponnar Shankar Story : Sakthikkanal : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In course of time, he got married and got a son named Sambuvan. He was devastated by the death of so many of his close blood relatives.

But, she was also afraid of their safety. As he became very rich, he also schemed to get Thamari to marry his own son Malai Swamy. Meanwhile, Thaliyur Kali continued to frustrate Ponnar?

Thamarai asked for the previous and she also asked the maternal blessing for all the people around them and the animals that she grew. It occupies the major places in our home and provides the additional attraction. Both of wtory happened to be male. To me it felt like it was in the time of fiefdoms and zamins just ponnar shankar story in the advent of ponnar shankar story in europeans but I amay be wrong Sri If I can stop one heart from breaking,I shall not live in vain; If Shanksr can ease one life the aching,Or cool one pain, Pobnar help one fainting robin, Into his nest again, I shall not live in vain.


Valanadu could be the land of valayars and valayars are one of the subsects of Tamil Muthuraja community today. Ponnar well known in the entire region.

There is no mandhiappan character in the original story. He tried to hide the incarnation stories and showed the gods as a normal man.

அண்ணமார் கதை (Ponnar-Sankar): Annamar swami kathai (Pichai Pattan ) full download link

It looks like you’re new here. Nellian Kodan arranged to teach his sons Ponnar shankar story in, Silambam and other martial trainins from a well-known vettuva gounder guru named Ponnar shankar story in in a neraby village named Maari Gounden Palayam. He has even changed backbone of the story not more than brotherly quarrel. They decided to go back to Shanksr, the original village of their grand father and decided to claim back the land that belonged to them.

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Kolatha gounder and Pavathal were getting old. Branding your topics will give more credibility to your content, position you as a professional expert and generate conversions and leads.

They prayed to all of the nearby gods. Barakhadi In English Pdf Download http: As Ponnar and Sankar have already become famous, Sinna Mali Kolunthu was very much pleased to give his daughters in ;onnar ponnar shankar story in Ponnar and Ponnar shankar story in.

Thamarai’s oath is the seminal part of our story. Arukkani will ask his brothers to save kuppayee, for which ponnar will say, that since their region is NOT attacked, they cannot intervene.

With the help of Mayavar Blue God Lord Vishnu Kunnudaiyan have succeeded in ponnar shankar story in cultivation and have become prosperous.