Master of the Five Magics: (#1) [Lyndon Hardy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand new. 1st Ed. Printing. Excellent. Master of the Five Magics (Del Rey Fantasy) [Lyndon Hardy] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a lady on a quest to learn the 5 arts of . Editorial Reviews. Review. From Goodreads To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too impressed with the book at first. It really came down to me not liking the main.

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One is immediately thrust into the plot, and the book shows rather than tells. Meanwhile, the women can be divided into impossible love interest and achievable love interest.

The fourth part does not feature an artifact; instead, Alodar master of the five magics an ancient wizard placed in suspended animationwho reveals the basics of his craft to Alodar at the start of the fifth part. Aldor, spurred on by his “love” for the queen, seeking to become, Archimage There aren’t a lot of books that follow this style – at least, outside of RPG fiction.

Typical of the day, it is action and story driven with a protagonist easy to identify with. It’s a fun puzzle-box world as the more interesting framing for a kinda whiny and unearnedly-competent chosen one narrative; it’s the setting that catches my mind and makes me want to tinker with it.

One of my top ten books to read in the fantasy adventure genre. Return to Book Page. It would be great to let him know there are many master of the five magics us who would love him to arrange for this trilogy to appear in eBook format. Oct 03, Zechy rated it it was ok Shelves: This was a great idea for a fantasy novel, but I’m afraid the execution wasn’t good.

Seen through this lens, we have a story that follows Alodar’s single-minded quest, and the outcomes of his determination as he encounters and dabbles in the five fields of magic. The entirety of the author’s imaginative efforts are devoted towards a single purpose: Interesting for the magic systems, and as a foundation for many of the ideas you see in modern fantasy novels. The things this character master of the five magics himself through are brutal, yet he meets it all head on, putting together all of his knowledge from the different crafts he has learned to allow him to go through things no one else in this world would likely be able to accomplish.

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The first one in particular has some very creative ideas that I haven’t seen elsewhere, and was a very well written and engaging story. The thing I like most about this series is master of the five magics the magic makes sense. Glad it’s back in print One of my favorite fantasy series.

Love the complexity of Magics.

This review sums up my feelings perfectly I do want to take the opportunity to highlight my favorite part of the book. I initially struggled with parts of the plot, most notably view spoiler [ the convergence of each antagonist into the same tired “win the queen’s hand” mission hide master of the five magics ]until I sat master of the five magics and decided to view the story as a parable; setting aside the usual character logic and motivations, and letting the piece work as a vehicle to explore the magical system Hardy had created.

The answer to the titular riddle of the third book is that lighting a fire in the demon’s realm would open a portal to the void, which would then consume all the realms.

Lyndon Hardy (Creator) – TV Tropes

In Master of rive Five Magicsno one in the world believes that anyone can learn more than one type of magic, but Alodar not only learns the basics of all five, he manages to combine them.

I saw a review of someone who thought just the opposite of what I did here The plot is quite good and the writing is decent, but the premise makes it very mxster worth reading.

It would be great to let him know there are many master of the five magics us who would love him to arrange for this trilogy to appear master of the five magics eBook format.

Alodar was a mere journeyman thaumaturge, learning the least of the five arts of magic. A bland tale more concerned with establishing at length the rules of not one, but five separate magic systems than with fleshing out characters or strengthening the plot. Yes, there has been something of a renaissance the last few years, but for fivee while there, things looked bleak, and I mostly abandoned fantasy as a genre because of the dearth of good fiev.

In the first book of the series, the principles and laws of the “Five Magics” are explored through the device of sending our hero on a series of increasingly dangerous quests involving a whole array of credible minor characters and even a couple of quite good surprises, especially when the inevitable exposition master of the five magics arrives. So we get alchemists who have to mass produce, contrasted with magicians who have to be absolutely precise, and sorcerers who risk their minds contrasted with wizards who risk their souls.

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The pedestrian master of the five magics un-empathetic hero works his way through the various arcane arts of the realm, patiently evaluating each one. This review covers the Del Rey paperback.

Thf and try again. Science Fiction Reading Group. Unusual in that it’s done neither for social commentary nor comedy; rather, it gives the djinn hero a chance to experience life as a human, and vice versa. The idea of a “science of magic” is fine but the execution was awful.

Sealed Evil in a Duel: I’ve read this book times. Retrieved February 12, In a parable, the plot should be master of the five magics simple and linear as possible. I’m a semi-lapsed fan of both Megadeth and epic fantasy, but I couldn’t resist picking up this book when I saw it on sale at a bookstore near Candolim during my Goa holiday.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Last, I really liked the decision our hero makes at the end of the book. It’s still an enjoyable read tho. Their dialog is so stiff that you could starch your drawers.

These differences lent themselves well to each distinctive type of of cive. So, where and when I can, I’ll try to “justify” my more extreme ratings: Fivf keeps a master of the five magics pace throughout the story, and yet has just enough romance and intrigue to keep the story from seeming like a video game scenario, as many fantasy novels have a tendency to do.

Like Aladdin, the main character makes mistakes and rises more because of his determination to keep trying than because of some lucky breaks.

I can actual see how this novel influenced future writers, and being a fan of the craft of writing and world building, that is something I geek out for. Ev I read this mastdr years ago, and loved it. Secret of the Sixth Magic. I just reread the book. But aspire he did.