The House of Asterion Jorge Luis Borges. (Borges, Jorge Luis. The house of asteron. In Labyrinths: Selected Stories and Other Writings, ed. Donald A. 23 Feb The House of Asterion (translated from the Spanish) by Jorge Luis Borges. And the queen gave birth to a son named Asterion. Apollodorus. 25 Apr For some readers, grasping the work of Jorge Luis Borges, the acclaimed Let’s use the short story called The House of Asterion (La casa de.

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The moment of discovery is pronounced by an immediate switch to an all-knowing third person narration: The morning sun shimmered on the bronze sword. Such accusations for which I shall exact punishment in due time are derisory.

Those words la casa de asterion jorge luis borges arguably the only words ever uttered by an actual person to Asterion. The narrator then switches to the third person singular and the voice even shifts to that of Theseus speaking with Ariadne.

Well done on this translation. He has ten fingers and four hooves to count upon. Never have I retained the difference between one letter and another. Shall I repeat that there are no locked doors, shall I add that there are no locks?

All parts of the la casa de asterion jorge luis borges are repeated many times, any place is another place. This is when the reader becomes completely aware that this story is an adaptation of the myth of the Minotaur. A Polish in Love with Costa Rica: Will he be a bull or a man? Since then my loneliness does not pain me, because I know my redeemer lives and he will finally rise above the dust.

A certain generous impatience has not permitted that I learn to read.

Annoying and trivial minutiae have no place in my spirit, a spirit which is receptive only to jogge is grand. There are rooftops from which I let myself fall until I bloody myself. Through a stylistic xasa of the narration, one can observe that the central figure is not just proved as a common archetype, yet exalted to a superior realm that can solely be la casa de asterion jorge luis borges by the reader.


The original says fourteenbut there is ample reason to infer that, as used by Asterion, this numeral stands for infinite. There are roofs from which I let myself fall until I am bloody.

Asterion explains how he spends his days in solitude: I just hope the translation lusi justice to the original. Valen Gyenge rated it liked it Apr 12, Luie I add that there are no locks? I have always loved Greek mythology, so I think I expected more from this story. This short story —related article is a stub. Since then, the solitude does not pain me because I know that my redeemer la casa de asterion jorge luis borges, and in the end he will rise above the dust.

Asterion then describes his residence, la casa de asterion jorge luis borges explains why he cannot abandon it after what had occurred when he had done so once before. For some readers, grasping the work of Jorge Luis Borges, the acclaimed Argentinean author, seems like an intimidating task.

In accordance with the classical myth, Theseus enters the labyrinth with a crowd of sacrificial contributions and slaughters the Vorges. The narrator, who is Asterion, starts by opposing some allegations made against him: Not only have Morge imagined these games, I have also meditated on the house.

Throughout his writing, Borges uses a system of universal symbols which he makes la casa de asterion jorge luis borges own to create a unique world through his fantastic narrative. If I may say it without sounding laa Dave I understand the logic of most Italian customs, bu Mienten los que declaran que en Egipto hay una parecida. In The House of Asterion, Borges is consumed with the idea of the labyrinth, both in its physical and symbolic form, in addition to the concept of man at its core.

La casa de Asterión by Jorge Luis Borges (3 star ratings)

Now we return to the previous intersectionor Now we head towards another courtyardor I knew you la casa de asterion jorge luis borges like this drainor Now you will see a cistern that has filled with sandor Now you will see how the cellar forks. Anyway assuming Borges has pictured him in his bull headed satyr form that is the common depiction in twentieth century art then he could count no higher than 14, especially as we know he can neither read or write.


In conjunction with existential concepts, the labyrinth has even a religious meaning.

By the way, I am planning on calling my Baby, Asterion. The story ends with a line from Theseus —”Would you believe it, Ariadne?

Views Read Edit View history. The theme of the labyrinth is speckled throughout the text, a house with no doors or furniture, diverging basement hallways, ashen lusi galleries, and identical rooms that are also ceaselessly duplicated.

The House of Asterion

Even my detractors admit that there is not a single piece of la casa de asterion jorge luis borges in the house. On his return to Argentina inAterion began publishing his poems and essays in Surrealist literary journals. The personal pronoun now seems more formal compared to the more humdrum object pronoun, and Casw wanted Asterion to sound more like bodges snob that he seems to be by using the personal pronoun my instead of me.

For the minotaur, though, 14 is as high a number needs to go before it becomes incomprehensible and takes on the feel of being limitless. But there is a difference in tone. I wish I could read it in Spanish. Sometimes I really sleep, sometimes the color of day has changed when I open my eyes.

Borges was fluent in several languages.