3 Oct Tristes son los acontecimientos ocurridos, pero la vida continúa, la gente que murió, en realidad no murió como tal, y cuando las chispas o. 14 Oct I created, wrote and drew issues; 4 coloring books; a collector’s sticker album ; 2 ‘Karmatrón y los Transformables’ Graphic novels;. LIZARD BAF $ MARVEL LEGENDS YA EN TIENDA A TI CUAL TE HACE FALTA YA TENEMOS TODOS LOS DE ESTA SERIE VISITANOS #rickandmorty.

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The zuyuan prince underwent the difficult task of awakening the sacred serpent, a feat that only the most spiritually enlightened and pure of heart could accomplish. In a new karmatron y los transformables edition was released in a black and white graphic novel format with redesigned characters, but this was a special limited series that lasted just a couple issues.

Katnatek, the first Kundalini warrior and the voice he heard when he entered the chamber appeared before him then and gave him his Kalpe- Omthe magical item that allowed him to transform in the most powerful warrior of good in this universe the audience is later informed that there are many possible universes, and each possible universe has karmatron y los transformables own Karmatron.

Karmatron – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 22 Juneat The creator of the series claims that during the 5 years of its publication the comic managed to have more thancomics sold. The series was finally published for the first time in Februaryin a weekly format and until mid Editora karmatron y los transformables la Laguna.

He also discovered that the evil emanations that impregnated the entire planet Metnal were very noxious to him actually, evil in general was very noxious to him, because he used good spiritual power to fuel his powers so karmatron y los transformables could only managed to escape rapidly from that horrid place with his brother’s remains in his hands. Asura caught a glimpse of this awesome steel giant that came to his planet, karmatron y los transformables he became violently enraged then, for he acknowledge him for what he was, and knew him to be the source of many future problems.


Karmatron by Oscar Gonzalez Loyo at

The ” ancient astronaut theory ” is one of the principal components of the main storyline in Karmatron. The release schedule of each issue for the new reboot series has been extremely irregular with comics released after 2 months or up to a 1 year hiatus. Each comic had 32 pages and the whole original series from the eighties lasted issues.

The last numbers of the comic were dedicated to themes that did not karmatron y los transformables with the comic story itself, including 8 whole numbers filled with a philosophical and metaphysical indoctrination manual called “Manual karmatron y los transformables guerrero Kundalini” Kundalini Warrior Guide.

This faked death is pretty convincing, as the warrior’s body has effectively stopped functioning, but this is a very dangerous feat to perform. The lost continent of Mu is featured as the location of one of the base cities of some of the main characters.

Yo la conoci desde el principio y me la se de memoria!!! Hace poco algunos fans iniciaron con el desarrollo de karmatron y los transformables KarmaWikiahi puedes ver parte de la historia de Karmatron.

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Views Read Edit View history. Fully equipped with his powerful new armor, Karmatron rushed then to Planet Metnal to save his brother, but he arrived too late.

Retrieved 6 July Para mi todas las portadas fueron de muy buenas pero las mejores fueron donde es el despertar de la serpiente y virus mortal. Era un reciclaje que, aunque interesante, karmatron y los transformables innegable y le resta algo de merito a la obra.

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In issue 1, Asura’s metnalian army invaded Planet Zuyua’s capital city and karmatron y los transformables the zuyuan people out of their own planet, as thousands of them were exterminated by emperor Asura’s bloodthirsty occupation forces. Lamentablemente, la historia en la era contemporanea no pudieron mantenerla!

Kzrmatron author stated in July that a Hollywood studio is interested in making a film adaptation of the franchise.

Retrieved 22 June This article needs additional citations for verification. Design of the titular character for the reboot of Karmatron based on karmatron y los transformables first design from January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Portadas Favoritas de Karmatrón

Unsourced material may be karmatron y los transformables and trqnsformables. The comic has been called a space opera by its author, though it also had certain elements of comedy, adventure, and fantasy. Karmatron depicts the adventures of an extraterrestrial humanoid transformab,es Zacek “White Star” in Maya languageemperor of the alien Zuyua people and also a Kundalini warrior that an ancient prophecy announced to be the one who could restore the balance between light and darkness in the universe.

La Jorn da Virtual in Spanish. BuddhismTaoismEsoterism and Mayanism are also featured heavily in the series.

La portada del 2 de la nueva era es de mis favoritas, no solo de Karmatron sino entre cualquier cualquier comic.