Effects of Kalachakra Dasas. Maharishi Parashar said. O Brahmin! I am now going to describe to you the effects of the Kaal Chakr Dasha. During the Dasha. KALACHAKRA DASA – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Number of Visits Since June 8, Notice: My Kalachakra Dasa Tutorial is now available in MS Word format! KALACHAKRA DASA P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.

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So Le and Vi are mandooki gati rasis.

Kalachakra Dasa Demystified (Part1) – Vedic Astrology Blog | Indian Astrology Blog – Astro-Vision

During the Dasha of the Rashi, owned, or occupied by Surya, there will be ill health, due to the blood, or bile kalachamra Candr, there will be gain of wealth and clothes, name and fame and birth of children; Mangal, there will be bilious fever, gout and wounds; Budh, there will be acquisition of wealth and birth of children; Guru, there will be increase in the number of children, acquisition of wealth and enjoyment; Sukr, there will be acquisition of learning, marriage and gain of wealth; occupied by Sani, there will be all kinds of adverse happenings.

Moles, Marks, Signs Dasas of Hse Lords In the case of one born in an apasavya nakshatra, deha and jeeva rasis are the rasis of the ninth and the first dasas.

The next Dasa is of the planet corresponding to the next Nakshatra and so on. In Tula in dasaa Dasha of Tula Ans there will be financial gains; Vrischik good relations with kinsmen; Dhanu happiness from father; Makar disputes with mother; Kumbh birth of a son and financial gains; Meen entanglement with enemies; Vrischik disputes with women; Tula danger from water and in Dasha of Kanya Ans more financial gains.

Now, what about those elaborate sequences are given by Parasara for each Nakshatra Pada? Appropriate remedial measures recitation of Mantras, oblations etc. Benefics and malefics transiting in them affect them positively and negatively respectively.


Other Antar dasas Skip to content Kalachakra Dasa was originally taught by Lord Shiva to Mother Parvati and that conversation was later recounted by Maharshi Parasara to his disciple Maitreya. Effects of the Dashas of Navamsa rasi in Capricorn Makar In Vrischik in the Dasha of Kark Ans there will kalachkara financial gains; Simh opposition to the king; Mithun acquisition of land; Vrishabh financial gains; Mesh danger from reptiles; Meen danger from water; Kumbh profits in business; Makar possibility of suffering from diseases and in the Dasha of Dhanu Ans financial gains.

I am now going to describe to you the kalachakrra of the Kaal Chakr Dasha.

Kalachakra Dasa – Learning Astrology

On the other hand, if Kalachakra dasa rasi is strong and occupied by benefics in D, then one may be successfully involved in activities that keep his inner self engaged.

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The 3 Nakshatras thereafter are placed in Savya group. Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates — Panchang. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Learning Astrology Indian Vedic Astrology. It is illogical to use 10 different dasas interchangably.

Kalachakra Dasa

Antar dasas of Sun Antar dasas Venus Navamsas in Savya Chakra: The kalqchakra period of the Moon is 21 years the dasa of Cancer owned by the Moon will be the same. Scorpio will be the navamsa of the first quarter of Rohini, Libra will be the navamsa of 2nd quarter of Rohini and so.

The years assigned to a planet constitute the dasa period of the sign owned by that planet. Daughter after Sons Dasas of Planets An dsa dasas, etc. Such will be the effects of the 9 Padas of Mesh. If we take each set of 3 Nakshatras in Apasavya group e. If one looks at the sequences given by Parasara aklachakra each Nakshatra Pada, one can see that those are the signs corresponding to Navamsas within Navamsas.

The dasa of Venus will be of 16 years the dasa period of Taurus and Libra owned by Venus will be the same. The Process of Karma. Sign in Recover your password.

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One can take up an auspicious journey in the northern direction. Astrology analysis for Medical Line. These are the trends of nakshatras reckoned in their order from Aswini to be distinguished as Apasavya and Savya.

I of this book. The effects of kalachakra dasa are to be declared on the basis of the sign kalacahkra dasa be in progress and its lord. Effects of the Dasa of Navamsa rasi of Taurus Vrishabh If dada take each set of 3 Nakshatras in Savya Chakra e. The dasa of Mars will be of 7 years the dasa of Aries and Scorpio will be the same.

Effects Chara Dasas In the Navans of Kark there will be acquisition of wealth, in the Simh Navans danger from enemies, in the Kanya distress to wife, in the Tula kingship, in the Kalacnakra death and in the Dhanu acquisition of wealth. As each sequence corresponds to one Pada, some scholars argue that the balance of Dasa applies to the entire cycle.

Effects of the Dashas of Navamsa rasi in Pisces Meen. Antar dasas of Rahu Navamsas in Apasavya Chakra: The dasa of Jupiter will be 10 years the dasa of Sagittarius and Pisces owned by Jupiter will be the same.

Kalachakra Dasa Demystified (Part1)

For example, a political leader may be running D Narayana dasa of a yogakaraka rasi and he may land political power. Without appreciating this, one cannot understand why maharshis described tens, if not hundreds, of dasa systems.

Controversies There are several controversies: The other controversy is about what happens at the end of a sequence and is particularly important if we apply the balance of Dasa to the entire sequence.