17 Jul Although these oddly-formatted email hyperlink addresses will work with some email apps, it would be much better if InDesign exported them. I’m trying to make several hyperlinks on a 3 page pdf. Most of them link to facebook pages, instagram pages, soundcloud etc etc. Problem is. 9 Aug UPDATE: As of Version of InDesign CC and of InDesign CS6 the Concise problem statement: After entering a URL hyperlink in the.

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Apparently I have to register the software to be able to post, and since I have a volume license I cannot iin it, so I cannot post to their forums.

Hyperlinks not working in PDFs exported from In | Adobe Community

Use the Hyperlinks panel to edit, delete, reset, or locate hyperlinks. The character style is added to the document character style list. I had the same problem, where all but one of my hyperlinks exported to PDF perfectly. I don’t have version 5. Open the Hyperlinks panel. Choose Text Anchor from the Link To menu. Hello, I’m trying to make several hyperlinks on a 3 page pdf.

You can save as a PDF interactive like another poster mentioned. For Subject Line, type the text that appears in the subject line of the email message. However, I noticed I would lose a lot of quality in any images in my document. You need to tell us what you have tried, Scott answers should have worked. Edit or delete hyperlink destinations.


You can create a hyperlink to a page without first creating a destination. For Zoom Setting, do one of the following to select the view state of the page being jumped to:. Create a hyperlink to any shared destination. Specify the page number you want to jump to and the Zoom Setting. Rename a hyperlink source. When you specify a URL, you can use any valid Internet resource protocol: A source is hyperlinked text, a hyperlinked text frame, or a hyperlinked graphics frame.

For Scope, indicate whether your want to convert URLs in insesign entire document, the current story, or the current selection. In the Hyperlink panel, click “Create new hyperlink” button at the bottom.

Rob, I am having the same problem. Requires tweaking the export settings if you’re trying to match High Quality Print profile.

Choose Text Anchor in the Type menu. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Okay now screenshot the hyperlink settings or whatever in InDesign so I can see where you are trying to point it.

That is, if the text is http: In the Hyperlinks panel, select the hyperlink.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The link does not work in an exported PDF.


Same Goes for instagram, soundcloud. Choose Go To Destination in the Hyperlinks panel menu. To locate the destination of a hyperlink or cross-reference, select the item you want to locate in the Hyperlinks panel. See your Word documentation.

In PDF, the text is still just a text.

Hyperlinks not working in exported pdf. : indesign

Hyperlink doesn’t work by Rob Hruska on May 4, at 5: I’m trying to make several hyperlinks on a 3 page pdf. Select Inherit Zoom to display the destination window at the magnification level the reader uses when the hyperlink is clicked.

I’ve tried creating the links two ways in Indesign: You can create hyperlinks to pages, URLs, text anchors, email addresses, and files. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

A dotted outline is applied to the linked objects. Select the hyperlink in the Hyperlinks panel.

Return to posts index. For Path, type the pathname or click the folder button to locate and double-click the filename.