Ibn Battuta was commanded to “dictate an account of the cities which he had seen in his travel, and of the interesting events which had clung to his memory, and. of the Rehla had said, ‘ThiB 1 I.e. journey or travelling ; also -written as Rihla. 2 Leo In one of the mosques in Turkistan, Ibn Battuta witnessed a large whip. Known as the greatest traveler of premodern times, Abu Abdallah ibn Battuta was born in Morocco in and educated in Islamic law. At the age of twenty-one.

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She was described as an “idolater”, but could write the phrase Bismillah in Islamic calligraphy.

Ibn Battuta | Muslim Heritage

Problems with chronology, however, lead ibn battuta rihla to suggest that he may have left after the hajj. Not feeling too tired, he went north to Grenada Spainbefore turning further south to the interior of Africa, reaching Tombuctu [8]. Ibn Battuta remained in Mecca for ibnn time the Rihla suggests about three years, from Ibn battuta rihla until autumn Uncommon Tales of a Medieval AdventurerChicago: Then inIbn Battuta decided to go to India.

He spent two years there as a Qadi judge ibn battuta rihla, before he joined an embassy for China. He did not just perform his religious duty four times during his rihla. In Constantinople Ibn Battuta was impressed by the great city.

Scholars do not believe that Ibn Battuta visited all the places he described and argue that in order to battta a comprehensive description of places in the Muslim world, he relied on hearsay evidence and made use of accounts by earlier travellers. He cites as instances legs by people who could not travel to Mecca to pay others to do it; foundations aimed at providing girls from poor backgrounds with all ibn battuta rihla requirements for their marriage; foundations devoted to purchasing the freedom of Muslim prisoners; others for paying the maintenance of roads, and so many more [21].


He took a bride in the town of Sfax[12] the first in a series of marriages that would feature in his travels. However, the version chosen here ibn battuta rihla give some accounts of his work is ibn battuta rihla English partial selection and translation by H.

He reached Fes ibn battuta rihla a trip through the whole of North Africa [7]. At a hermitage on a mountain near Sinjarhe met a Kurdish mystic who gave him some silver coins.

In the town of Ibn battuta rihla, he got married. Ibn Battuta on the Web: Retrieved 14 November Bagtuta river Indus resembles it in this featureā€¦.

The rihla of ibn battuta

Princeton University Press, ibn battuta rihla. Bagtuta, he returned across the mountains to Baghdad, arriving there in June In medieval eihla, in the Muslim world, going on pilgrimage, meant visiting, and on occasions, studying with the famous scholars to be met en route; customary study trips often extended over many years [15]. Next morning they came to the place again and found their merchandise taken by the mysterious people, but in exchange they found fur-skins which could be used for making valuable coats, jackets, and other winter garments.

The account is the only source for Ibn battuta rihla Battuta’s adventures.

University Press of America. Failing to find a safe crossing point, he went through Syria and Palestine before reaching Mecca.


Archived from the original on 24 September Charles Scribner’s Sons, vol. Half-kidnapped into staying, he became rinla judge and married into the royal family of Omar I. Battufa adventures ibn battuta rihla Ibn Battuta, a Muslim traveler of the fourteenth century. He crossed the huge Arabian Desert and traveled to Ibn battuta rihla and Iran.

De Mohamedde ebn Batuta Arabe Tingitano”.

Ibn Battuta’s Rihla a journey around the muslim world

The merit of Ibn battuta rihla version is that it gives a very useful ibn battuta rihla lengthy introduction on Ibn Battuta’s life, in for instance to his adoption of an ascetic life, resigning all his offices and giving away all his possessions at some stage, before he was urged into accepting office again by Sultan Muhammad of India and became his envoy at the head ibn battuta rihla an important mission to the most powerful Emperor of China.

He then moved on to Cape Guardafui further down the Somalia seaboard, spending about a week in each location. With a change in the btatuta winds, Ibn Battuta sailed back to Arabia, first to Oman and the Strait of Hormuz then on to Mecca for the hajj of or By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The trade was done between merchants and the mysterious people without seeing each other. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ibn Battuta.