Heroquest Tiles by Panperkin Dungeon Tiles, Dungeon Maps, Game Dev, Dungeon Tiles, Jumping Jacks, Board Games, Floor Plans, Tabletop, Maps, Games. HQ resource downloads by Dwayne Agin, Ron Shirtz, Jacob Busby, and Gerwin Broers, going back to Updated the Kellars Keep book into one with tiles. (Steve again). Included the Card Creator in the package. Index. 0. Index 1. Cards 2. Templates 3. HeroQuest.

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Enter the World of HeroQuest For cards, I use the Card Creator made by Trent. HeroQuest Complete Package http: Got a neat photo for the banner? Mines Tiles designed to create an authentic Mine style setting.

Template for a Hero An Hero Card, without the hero. Uk Version 1 Game board We absolutely encourage feedback.

Once you enter the mysterious underground world of HeroQuest, there’s no turning back. Check his website for up to date versions. Makes it alot easier too simple to solve a quest. Accessories designed to enhance your imagination, spruce up your dungeons, or thwart adventurers. Kellars Keep – Expansion Back to Hreoquest. They go great with the Cave Tiles.


All Bradley Boruch scans are in excellent quality. Boy was I in for a surprise. The Dark Company Localisation by: The European version are the older version of HeroQuest. Fire Spells 3 Cards in total. Boardgame pricing and location tools. Expansion – Advanced Quest – Dark Company 3.

Thanks to Steve v1.

Cave Tiles Tiles designed for Dwarves and those adventurers who aren’t afraid of the dark. It’s like no other game you’ve ever played!

HeroQuest :: Tiles :: English (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand) :: Ye Olde Inn

HeroQuest Tiles by Jonathan Usiak. Characters 4 Cards in total. Dungeon Tiles Tiles designed for Adventurers who like to explore the dangerous, strange and unknown. Please see the wiki for a full explanation of the rules.


All of the following files might need emulators to run. So, can someone either point me in the right direction of a complete itinerary, or heroqust someone with a full set tell me: Links Back to Index. Quest Book With Tiles! Stand-alone threads may be removed if they don’t follow these rules.

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There is only one version of the The Mage of the Mirror book, so no worry about what to print or not. Monsters 8 Cards in total.

Waterway Room Map icons included. Submit a new link. Also includes a PDF version for easy printing.