18 Feb Given that, I expected Kenzer & Company’s HackMaster Basic to draw heavily on D&D Basic for inspiration. Other than its title and its cover. (4th Edition); (Basic); (5th Edition). Genre(s), fantasy. System(s), Custom, derived from AD&D system. Spun off from the Knights of the Dinner Table comic strip. HackMaster is a fantasy role-playing game produced by Kenzer & Company. It began as a. 11 Aug HackMaster Basic (free) – Congratulations! In a world where there.

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Spun off from the Knights of the Dinner Table comic strip. JB- I hope I don’t come off as a jerk here, but I don’t think they are marketing their game as a “hand-holding-welcome-to-roleplaying-games” game. Given Kenzer’s intentions for the game, it is complete.

Original electronic Scanned image These products were created by scanning an original printed edition. In this respect, hasic old school heritage is clear. Unless I missed something, XP is gained solely through defeating opponents.

Archived from the original on August 30, Having played the previous version of Hackmaster I found that: It was just not basic enough for me; I will never play it, and will probably give it away to a grad student.

Blood Clans of Jorikk Venture into the great Lake Jorakk wilderness, a remote and grim landscape providing a Nordic home all but limitless in its scope and possibility. This inexpensive PDF expands upon the free version with added rules, combat options, spells and advancement to 10th level. Basjc you rolled a six against that orc?

GROGNARDIA: REVIEW: Hackmaster Basic

Revil Fox February 18, at If I can’t create a character in 10 minutes or less, then it’s too complex for my purposes. Bought it when it came out, bawic to read it and zoned out. Just like in real life! Taking on multiple foes, even if far inferior to your character, can be bad news.



I ask, because the underlying combat system, consisting of opposed rolls between an attacker and a defender, is simple and reasonably intuitive though the same cannot be said for its initiative system, which reminded me unhappily of Championsthough that’s probably unfair. Don’t whine about missing until the GM rolls for the orc’s defense.

A stupendous treasure of three books rolled into one, with comics and colour pages found therein. Gone are the days of waiting around for your ‘turn’, of battling static opponents or of being anything but totally in charge of your own destiny. In this case, a surprised character that uses a bow is going to be in deep trouble if an orc bassic an axe jackmaster to get right next to him.

Some will no doubt find the concept of Honor a heavy-handed way to enforce “proper” roleplaying and so it is. Most of the number crunching is done as chargen and the answers basci then on your character sheet for future reference. Basic makes regular — some might say too much — use of random rolls in character generation. It’s way too complicated for a “basic” anything, and I really didn’t see the use of the complexity.

A large group of orcs will be a tough fight even for high-level characters, when in other hackmastrr this would be a cakewalk. I’ve been looking for rules lite, which this isn’t, but tight. Suddenly starting with 30 hp isn’t so much Most newer books are in the original electronic format.

HackMaster Basic is Great | HackMaster (5th Edition – Basic & Advanced) | RPGGeek

If your character wants to take an action or change his mind basiv the middle of an action, by all means, do it! I bought this when it first came out and was utterly bewildered by it. These products were created by scanning an original printed edition. It’s difficult to do full justice to this game in my review, however lengthy and detailed I made it and I have certainly overlooked and maybe even misrepresented some aspects of its contents.


New Hit Dice are gained every other level, with “dead” levels granting a re-roll of current hit points in order to improve the score. However, any text in a given book set on a graphical background or in handwritten fonts would most likely not be picked up by the OCR software, and is therefore not searchable. As I see it, HM Basic is a very particular kind of game and it’s written for a particular audience. I realize that’s a minority opinion these days, which is why I don’t fault HM for being more complex than that, even if I don’t have any interest in it myself.

I was one of those people thinking “That dice chapter was a waste of space where more important stuff could have gone”, but that idea was before I knew the reasons behind it, and now I’ll give them a pass for that one. I guess I don’t regret buying it, for, like James here, I can respect the coherence and flavor of the game.

Players plan their actions second-by-second, with little or no down time between actions.

New Account or Log In. JB February 19, at James, Thanks for taking the time to post your review and thoughts. Quest for the Unknown B2: However, randomness can be mitigated through the use of “Building Points” or BPsusually used to purchase skills and other secondary abilities.

Customers who hackmastrr this title also hackmastter. BlackburnBrian Jelke. Wouldn’t things like knockbacks and trauma, to cite but two examples, have been better saved for Advanced HackMaster? The Prophecy of Shardar D Languages Nederlands Edit links.