Gudipati Venkatachalam aka Chalam (Telugu: గుడిపాటి Chalam discussed how the women should encounter them. the themes of his చలం’s books. 30 Jan Chalam Books. Identifier Chalam. Identifier-ark ark://t53f8q Ocr language not currently OCRable. Ppi Scanner Internet Archive. by GUDIPATI VENKATA CHALAM. Publication date Publisher MODERN PUBLISHERS. Collection universallibrary. Contributor ROP. Language Telugu.

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Your feedback is highly appreciated. Asalu paryavasanam akkarleni stri modatininchi vimukhamgane undali His Short story Doshagunam was adapted as a Gudipati venkata chalam books movie. Then he joined in a job with Teacher’s Training College in Rajahmundry. Choose a password that’s at least six characters, including a number or special character.

Password can be alphanumeric with minimum 6 characters. Writing an autobiography and telling my story shamelessly is not a matter to be excused [ For a person like me who always thinks and wonders, “Why was I born?

He worked as a gudipari in Karimnagar. Chalam joined Pithapuram Maharaja College in We will communicate soon. Gudipati venkata chalam books his mother-in-law died, Chalam and his friends were not allowed in his father-in-law’s the house for the funeral, and they were served food outside.

Include Out of Stock. He later became a school inspector. Kindly Enter Author Name. He used to practice Gufipati rituals very religiously.

Most of his writings were regarding women, especially the kind of difficulties women encounter—physical as well as psychological—in society, from their families and from those with gudipati venkata chalam books they are close.


చలం ( of మైదానం [Maidanam])

Chalam brazenly puts across why he wrote his autobiography vebkata its foreword:. Most of his writings were regarding women, especially the kind of difficulties women encounter physical as well as psychological in the gudipati venkata chalam books, families and from their near and dear ones.

At that time, he gudipati venkata chalam books attracted by the preachings of Raghupati Venkata Ratnam Naidu —a social reformer and founder of the Brahma Samaj in Andhra.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Chalam discussed how he believed women should face these problems.

Enter your email address. By writing an autobiography, I am admitting to myself and indirectly telling everybody that I am an important person, I made lots of good things to help people gudipati venkata chalam books society and if I do not tell chalzm world about myself, there is great loss to the world and by not knowing about me, the world is losing something.

Besides this, the manner in which his sister “Ammmanni” Venkata Ramanamma, Dulla was coerced into an arranged marriage against her will also made him concentrate on the difficulties that women faced in society.

Stri oka mata valla,chupu vallaa purushuniki Gudipati venkata chalam books In his childhood, his maternal grandfather adopted him and his surname was changed to “Gudipati” from “Kommuri”.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please Enter a valid email Address. Chalam went to Chennai to study for his Bachelor of Arts. I am a stone, slave of the government, school inspector and for the poor mice like teachers, I am the cat. While studying for his degree in Chennai, he gudipati venkata chalam books his wife admitted into a convent for her education and he used to drop her at school on his bicycle.


Gudipati Venkata Chalam is a Telugu writer and philosopher, was one of the most influential personalities gudipati venkata chalam books the modern Telugu literature. After completing his studies in Madras, Chalam joined in a job as tutor in Kakinada.

His mother was Venkata Subbamma and his father was Kommuri Sambasivarao. In a society that believed in children being indebted to their parents, he proclaimed caring for and bringing up of children as the fundamental duty as parents. This was a spectacle for the people to see gudipati venkata chalam books husband dropping off the wife on his cycle.

Views Read Edit View gudipati venkata chalam books. About his job, Chalam wrote in his famous book “Musings” in Telugu language Page 72, 5th Print in as follows:. His father-in-law banished him from entering his house.

He also became busy with his friendship with a beautiful girl named “Ratnamma” who happened to be his friend’s sister-in-law.