Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate (FAA Form ). (FRONT SIDE) . (BACK SIDE) Back to the Standard Airworthiness Certification Page. Fill Faa Form 6, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. 1 Apr The FAA Form 6 is the Federal Aviation Administration’s standard application for an Airworthiness Certificate (Standard or Special).

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FAA Form Instructions

For kit-built aircraft, this block also must contain the manufacturer-provided assembly instructions and the consensus standard for the design and performance and assembly instructions. That number should not be confused with the serial number assigned by an original manufacturer who builds the same type 88130-6 aircraft under a production approval.

Assignment to faa form 8130-6 Flight Test Area.

If the aircraft was purchased as a kit, the model designation assigned by the kit manufacturer should be used. This may be extended to modifiers only when adequately substantiated, for example, for complex programs.

How Airworthy are You? Find out with FAA Form 8130 6

Upon review of the submitted description, the FAA issues the special flight permit with the conditions and limitations under which XYZ may operate its aircraft following the satisfactory completion of the inspections faa form 8130-6 tests described.

These aircraft must not have been issued a U. Use the instructions for entering eligibility information from Faa form 8130-6 All major changes or modifications will be listed in the aircraft records and the compliance statement will be restated with the changes listed.

Retain the following in the district or regional office: Aircraft records also must be transferred with change of ownership An ASI must enter the appropriate district or regional office designation. All record entries must be in English.


This space may be used to convey the information required 81330-6 item Nos. The aircraft may only conduct those aerobatic faa form 8130-6 maneuvers faa form 8130-6 have been satisfactorily accomplished during flight testing and recorded in the aircraft maintenance records by use of the following, or a similarly worded, statement: In the case of aircraft that have been out of service, the way the aircraft fa stored should be evaluated.

Sold The RV However, in those cases where 81306- certificate is being exchanged or replaced, enter the date of the original certificate and insert the letter E or R.

Designation or Office No. This section is faa form 8130-6 completed when an application is being made for a special flight permit.

Faa Form 6 – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller

If an affirmative, technical determination cannot be made that a particular aircraft is capable of safe operation because of insufficient design, inspection, or maintenance data that normally is available for a type-certificated aircraft, the 813-6 flight permit should not be issued. Part 43 requirements are not applicable before original certification. Guidance on experimental LSA certification is given in paragraph of this order.

I certify that this aircraft has been inspected on [insert date] in accordance with the manufacturers maintenance and inspection procedures, and was found to be in a condition for safe operation. The FAA must determine that the aircraft displays nationality and registration marks in accordance with faa form 8130-6 If no civil serial number exists, enter the military number. The block also must contain the consensus standard used to for the quality assurance system. Flight test time is included as time-in-service, as defined by part 1.


Operating limitations under 81130-6 applying for the special flight permit, XYZ submits a description of the inspections and tests it considers necessary to ensure safe operation of the aircraft. Last memo I got from FAA, dated April 13,was that the form is not yet available, and to continue faa form 8130-6 use the form. What you have to do is use the search for 813-06 function and it will give you the new form.

The FAA airworthiness certification process faa form 8130-6 of a general airworthiness inspection to determine the aircraft is in faa form 8130-6 condition of faa form 8130-6 operation, in accordance with Assigned Flight Test Areas.

List the name, part number or equivalent means of identifying each physical productand quantity of each part. Attach a copy of this fofm to the form. Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Ground Instructors, concerning flrm medical requirements for the operation faa form 8130-6 such aircraft.

The data collected will be used for: The completed and signed permit may then be transmitted by fax. Former military aircraft imported from any other country require an import permit issued by the Department of the Treasury, Bureau faa form 8130-6 Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms ATF.

Get the free faa form 8130 6

Preparation of Export Certificates of Airworthiness I am just about ready to send in this form. Ffaa operation of non-air carrier four-engine aircraft with faa form 8130-6 inoperative engine. Use the previous form for all other categories until the supply of old forms is gone.