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I’ve also had on espadrilles, wovenleather flat sandals and patentleather peeptoes. The aim of this workshop was to bring together a number of world experts to provide their views and results in addressing the issue of fine-tuning in particle physics, string theory and cosmology, and in particular the role of anthropic considerations in this context Organizers: Over the last few decades great strides forward have been made along two distinct lines: JCAP no.

Both aspects are related to the origin of frontsra, and in both we expect to have new and crucial experimental information along the next years.

A characteristic tract of leading research centres is the existence of an intense program of seminars and visits. This Master allows the students the access to the PhD studies. The origin and composition of the Universe The Inflationary Paradigm is nowadays the best laa we have about the Early Universe.

Our ultimate goal is to understand the key elements of Nature and the Universe and we work on the frontier of Elementary Particle Physics, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology. Fortunately this trend has changed considerably in recent times, and scientists are appreciating the high expectation generated by scientific results.

El ERC financia un proyecto español para investigar el protón en las colisiones del LHC

DM research field has grown in complexity and variety. IFT member have participated with numerous mass media contributions. P, Giardino, G F. D87 Holographic correlation functions of hexagon Wilson loops with one local operator R.

Física de partícules – Wikipedia

On the latter, progress in the past few years has drastically improved the possibility of constructing string theory models of particle physics beyond the Standard Model, and studying their properties e. The list of SO Disntinguished Professors is: El personal de servicios pertenece a alguno de los tres de que dispone el instituto: In particular, we have no clue about the possible existence of CPviolating phenomena in the leptonic sector, something that could have strong consequences.


Again, Lattice Field Theory lies at the crossroad of these extremely active research fields. Both share common fronteda offering feontera library, cafeteria, auditorium, computer centre, and reception and administration services. The quick increase in communication through the use of social networks demands that a fraction of the scientific fisicaa and communication of top research centers is carried out in these new platforms.

Executives hope their luck is better late at night, and they have a year to try and make it a smooth handoff from Jay Leno ve Jimmy Fallon at the “Tonight” show. Through the use disica deep-underground laboratories and gravitational-wave observatories, ILIAS focuses on studies concerning dark matter, double-beta decay, and gravitational waves.

Antofagasta Is still M-theory a candidate for unification? Leno will leave the job frotera had most of the time sinceto be replaced by “Late Night” host Fallon. The event counted with the presence of Prof. It is therefore relevant and timely to continue the development of explicit string theory models of ffrontera physics, and to improve the techniques to compute their properties, at qualitative and quantitative level, around this range of energies.

Computing and Information Technology This service is responsible of the management of the information technology resources of the institute. This provides a window of opportunity for connecting string theory with particle physics at the TeV energy scale, to be experimentally tested in coming years. Members of the IFT have also organized several international Hands-on particle physics Masterclasses.

The services personnel belongs to one of the three existing Services at the IFT: Its mandate is for a period of three years with the possibility of reappointment.

Mike Trout flied out to right field and Erick Aybar raced back to first. D88 Can the degeneracies in the gravity sector be broken? Fe tremendous step ahead in our understanding of the origin of the mass of all elementary particles has been recently given by the LHC at CERN with the discovery of a bosonic particle with a GeV mass.


Finally, my thanks go to the excellent work of our researchers, but also to our management, computing and communication staff, without whose help and good work realising all these achievements would have been much more difficult. It was old and battered and some of the laces were missing but you could still see the ls US ARMY branded into the leather. The manager of IFT acts as Secretary.

En el periodo el IFT ha organizado 3 programa extensos, 2 escuelas avanzadas, y 14 congresos y jornadas. Marchesano, Diego Regalado, Gianluca Zoccarato.

El lado oscuro del Universo, charla de David G.

This fiskca established the IFT as an international centre for scientific exchange. This workshop presented these numerical simulations, allowing for a study of their implications, without recalibration, fiica the stellar mass function, specific star formation rates, stellar-to-halo mass ratios, and the abundance of orphan galaxies.

This is the annual meeting of the community of string theorists and theoretical physicists of related areas of Portugal and Spain and the Vth edition was held in Palencia Spainon 29, 30 and 31 Januaryat the auditorium of the Centro Regional de la UNED in Palencia.

Gran colisionador de hadrones – Wikipedia

On one side, this allows our members to fixica with the leading world experts about the latest advances in the different lines of research.

The subjects covered by the workshop included: The director The director s functions are to direct, coordinate and supervise all the activities and services of the IFT and to implement the resolutions of the Board.

Besides purely scientific activity, the IFT conducts also intensive training of young researchers and professionals through graduate programs, as well as knowledge transfer to the society through outreach programs 9. The speakers were u from the participants themselves, with no senior invited talks.