First Look: The first colour E-ink reader is now available. But is it any good?. Color JetBook Color 2 Review Ectaco jetBook. The review is not that positive ( seems to be an e-ink hater) but the picture looks really great. My detractors aren’t going to be happy today. Laptop Magazine has just posted their review of the Jetbook Color, Ectaco’s new ereader based.

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Keep in mind when you are reading a normal e-Book with no color displayed on the screen you will get a massive improvement on the text based experience.

I found while reading a simple PDF revoew took a few seconds to turn the page, often ten seconds. It seems that both technologies need more time.

This is one of the first e-readers in the world that is not aimed at the average consumer because of the fickle nature of the Western European and North American Markets. It really does suck as much as I thought it did. Please call Member Services at We could not alter the margins or the space between lines.

Some potentially useful tools can be found within the Language and Games and Science and Math sections. It truly gives you a vivid color e-paper that mimics real paper and really is a paradigm shift in jetboook way people will experience reading on an e-Reader.

But as an ereader, it is woefully incomplete. Your email address will not be published. There is also a manual switch that you can use to turn the WIFI on or off, this might help save on battery life.

In brighter light, colors gained a little more vibrancy, yet they remained very unsaturated. More than color, the x screen resolution is the big plus for this kind of use. The black also available in white plastic face of the JetBook Color felt grainy, but didn’t pick up any fingerprints.


Either way, you’d be better off than with cilor JetBook Color. Everything from 50 different dictionaries to more student apps are available to purchase. I’ve made mistakes before, so it wasn’t impossible for me to have made one with the JetBook Color.

My main concern with this device is the hardware really hinders the ability for this to catch on with your average user. However, when you can, the notes are automatically saved when you turn the page and will appear as you wrote them the next time you open that page.

Ectaco Jetbook Color Ships with Incomplete Software, Disappointing Screen

My Jetbook Color arrived just over 2 weeks ago, and I was hoping to have the review of the my new favorite toy posted by now. Mike Cane 11 May, But we couldn’t turn the page once we’d filled it up with scribbles. This site uses Akismet colro reduce spam.

On the bottom, you’ll find two speakers flanking a row of ports and switches: Software The Jetbook Color is mainly billed as an educational e-reader and they have attained certification in both Russia and the USA to give deals to educational institutions.

Ectaco Jetbook Color review: The first color E Ink e-book reader could make you blue

The Jetbook Color really gives you the type of digital paper experience that is much akin to reading the real thing. Get Ratings on the oclor and compare while you shop. Navigating menus, turning page pages, or launching programs demands an exercise in patience. Your email address will not be published.

You might want to make the font a little bigger, but there are no options to physically change the font to, for example, Ariel or Times New Roman. How does this new technology developed by e-Ink Holdings stack up in a battery of real world tests?


It’s missing so many features that at this point you would be clearly better off with the iPad. We could erase, but only at the painfully thin pencil width, going at the revieew pace of reaction time. The Kindle DX was much the same technology wise but had the software to make it display Our Thoughts.

All of the colors were dull and flat, and were merely saturation variations on brownish-red, sea-foam green and muted blue. JBC, as any other e-reader based on e-ink technology, has not backlight. Unfortunately, it is missing jerbook many features that I don’t think I can review it fairly.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. FFS, man, get a picture without blur! Nate Hoffelder 21 February, My detractors aren’t going to be happy today. However, you will have to wait between taps to know if the device has recognized your input or not, and we often had to tap multiple times for our input to be read.

Not every book allows you to set the ectaoc mode to drawing, in order to take notes in the margins. Where this device really shines is on comic books! We were promised by Ectaco that they would allow this functionality in a future firmware update.

Battery life with this device is fairly good with it lasting almost 10, page turns or about 2 months. I intend to use this eReader to read outside PDF research papers see e. I cannot install anything.