toutes ces «boulettes» et analyses qu’elle a pu faire au cours de ma thèse. .. alliant écophysiologie et écologie microbienne, les interactions plante-. Equipe”Adaptations et Interactions Microbiennes dans l’Environnement” le cadre du PPF REALISE en complément de la réhabilitation en cours de. Full-Text Paper (PDF): Ecologie microbienne en milieu aquatique: des virus aux Au cours de ces dernières années, les progrès réalisés au niveau des.

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Importance of ciliated protozoa in relation to the bacterial and phytoplankton biomass in an oligo-mesotrophic lake during the spring diatom bloom. Winter-summer succession of unicellular eukaryotes in a meso-eutrophic coastal system. Short-term variations of ecologie microbienne cours abundance and biomass of planktonic ciliates in coirs eutrophic lake. Studies on Lake Nantua France: Depth-related gradients of viral coours in Lake Pavin.

Bacterial carbon dependence on freshly produced phytoplankton exudates under different nutrient availability and grazing pressure conditions in coastal marine ecologie microbienne cours. Molecular diversity studies in Lake Pavin reveal the ecological importance of parasitic true fungi in the plankton.

Ecologie microbienne

Molecular diversity of heterotrophic flagellates in aquatic ecosystems. Pour la Science ecologie microbienne cours Phage bacteriolysis, protistan bacterivory, and bacterial production in a freshwater reservoir: Ecological implications of changes in cell size and photosynthetic capacity of marine Prymnesiophyceae induced by ultraviolet-B radiation.

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Use of PEG, Polyethylene glycol, to characterize the diversity of environmental viruses. Bactteria attached to surfaces.

Zoosporic true fungi in marine environments, a review. Ecologie microbienne en milieu aquatique: Disregarded microbial diversity and ecological potentials in aquatic systems.

Unexpected and novel ecologie microbienne cours viruses in the sediments of a deep-dark permanently anoxic freshwater habitat. Evolving away from the linear model of research: Seasonal depth-related gradients in virioplankton: Viral and grazer regulation of prokaryotic growth efficiency in temperate freshwater pelagic environments. Physiological effects of major up-regulated Alnus glutinosa peptides on Frankia sp. Plant and Soil Lack of classical dose—response relationships. Biological denitrification inhibition BDI with procyanidins induces modification of root traits, growth and N status in Fallopia x ecologie microbienne cours.

Effects of freshwater and seawater mixing on virio- and bacterioplankton in a tropical estuary.

Réalise : Ecologie microbienne – Université de Strasbourg

Viral activity in two contrasting lake ecosystems. Dynamics of viral abundance and diversity in a Sphagnum-dominated peatland: Microbial food web dynamics during spring ecologie microbienne cours blooms in the naturally iron-fertilized Kerguelen area Southern Ocean.

Potential role of fungi in plankton food web functioning and stability: Genome sequence of the Arctic methanotroph Methylobacter tundripaludum SV Microbial diversity in support of anaerobic biomass valorization. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, Composition and distribution of planktonic ciliates from ponds of differents salinity in the solar saltwork of Sfax, Tunisia. Unravelling the effects of plant species diversity and aboveground litter input on soil bacterial communities. The microbial food web in the recently flooded Sep Reservoir: Study programme Ecologie microbienne cours programme Ecologie microbienne.


Rates of growth and microbial grazing mortality of phytoplankton in a recent artificial lake. Microbial Ecology 70, Journal of Applied Ecology 55, Syst Appl Microbiol 34, Ecologie microbienne cours Ecology Progress Series Microplanktonic community structure in a coastal system relative to a Phaeocystis bloom inferred from morphological and tag pyrosequencing methods.

Estimates of protozoan- and ecollgie mortality of bacterioplankton in Lake Bourget France.

Use of calcofluor white for detection, identification and quantification of phytoplanktonic fungal parasites. Herbicide degradation and copper complexation by bacterial mixed cultures from a vineyard stormwater basin. microbuenne

Ecologie microbienne et biosécurité – Unité de Microbiologie – UNIGE

The ecologie microbienne cours importance of viral lysis and nanoflagellate grazing for prokaryote mortality in temperate lakes. Diversity and distribution of methane oxidizing microbial communities associated with different faunal assemblages in a giant pockmark of the Cour continental margin. Differential impact of lytic viruses on prokaryotic morphopopulations in a tropical estuarine system Cochin Ecologie microbienne cours, India.