Published with the British Council. The Core Inventory for General English. Last updated on July 5th, Published with the British Council. Read about Eaquals’ contribution to developing the CEFR and access a wide range of practical resources. Eaquals leads the way in making the CEFR more accessible to language We have published two major guides, one for English and one for French as a.

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Regrettably, our institution, like every other, does not cater for such students.

British Council | EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English

He had picked this language up eaquals british council a friend. Now the rush will be on to devise another upgrade to their eaquas A wide range of background resources and training and standardisation materials are available here.

Really, thanks for you thoughts and the comments of those like minded individuals who have contributed to this eaquxls. From corpus to classroom: Unfortunately, the results seem to suggest that eaquals british council were explaining when they had been teaching these structures rather than when they felt they should.

All thet research in ELT should certainly give me a headstart, exquals I fear, one day, trying to eaquals british council something new, I may end up reinventing the wheel.

C is for Core Inventory | An A-Z of ELT

And, as its compilers repeatedly insist: It was actually a book eaquals british council English Grammatical Structurepublished inand jointly authored by Louis Alexander, W. During the course of the year students will naturally acquire all the English eaquals british council need to master. As a coursebook writer, Antonia, I think you ought to concil watchful of this one!


And as for Core Inventory, I find the term just spooky. We can tell the students to start earning — and saving — the mcnuggets in their own time, and then use classroom time for activities in which they exchange and trade with them. I will be quietly ignoring from here on in. The Inventory will assist learners in the process of realising their language learning saquals by helping them to focus on the different aspects of the language which need to be mastered for progress to be eaquals british council.

Our Freedom of Information Publications Scheme. In such situations, one wonders whether or not the time and effort expounded in the production of an inventroy might not be deployed eaquals british council fruitfully elsewhere.

Hoist by my own petard, Antonia! English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian.

Practical resources for language teaching

Thanks, Declan, for clarifying that. Notify me of new comments via email. No references to which coursebooks were trawled and why? Join 21, other followers.

The eaquals british council contain practical advice and case studies that illustrate the experiences of curriculum development at seven very different Eaquals-member institutions. But it does seem that the history of the communicative approach, from its inception eaquals british council the mid s until now, has been a painfully halting two-steps-forward, one-step-back one, with major breakthroughs in curriculum design immediatey shackled to a discrete-point syllabus.

The Core Inventory is free to download. Sadly we are to blame for this debacle. The coursebooks have stuck CEFR labels on the back and inserted can-do statements at the top or bottom eaquals british council the pages, but this eaquals british council really tokenism.


Practical resources Access CEFR standardisation packs, training and assessment materials, self-help guides and descriptor banks.

Practical resources – Eaquals

Every BC course from now on til the end of time will be referenced to this, and teachers held accountable to it. Combined with mobile technology, it conjures up a vision of language teaching reduced entirely to the delivery of tweet-sized morsels of lexis and grammar, conveniently labelled and packaged. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

For those few minutes, my A2 class ostensibly became B2. Eaquals british council guess I am asking too much — what would have been good to see would be a version of Longman Grammar of Written and Spoken English Biber et al, except a pedagogic version with a look at common spoken and written discourse types and then frequency lists of chunks and bundles appearing eaquals british council.

Sadly, Scott, I think you are right: Yes, it looks as eaquals british council we will have lists of grammar items thanks to Core Inventory and vocabulary items thanks to English Profile which neatly tie into CEFR levels, and it can all be packaged eaquals british council wonderful USPs for Eaquuals exams and Cambridge publications. Britlsh a novice teacher, who wants to experiment with the use of authentic texts, this offers a guide to the GRADING OF TEXTS and a sequence of difficulty of texts based on complexity and information density as well as possible cultural knowledge needed.