View and Download Dbx DriveRack user manual online. Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Management System. DriveRack Stereo Equalizer pdf. View and Download Dbx DriveRack user manual online. DriveRack Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Page 1. DriveRack ® Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Management System Featuring Custom Tunings User Manual.

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Pdf Download | dbx DriveRack User Manual (84 pages)

For example, if the sound is too woofy or growly, try turning down the 36HzHz level. Successive presses of the Other manula will move you to each of the various insert modules available.

Gain structure refers to aligning the gain of each device so that they all clip at the same point, and the noise floor of the entire system is at its absolute minimum. In all cases, you are responsible for transportation charges to the factory.

To log back in to a particular access level, please follow this procedure: In no dbx driverack 260 manual shall dbx or its dealers be liable for special or consequential damages dbx driverack 260 manual from any delay in the performance of this warranty due to causes beyond their control. On thea maximum number of six Zone Controllers may be used and they may be nested, in other words, one controller may be used for a single zone and then another controller may be used for dbx driverack 260 manual entire venue or system.

If your amplifiers are not available in the Wizard, you should choose the Custom setting. ZC-1 The ZC-1 is a programmable zone controller that allows output volume level control from a wall panel. The Compressor is a full bandwidth Stereo Compressor inserted prior to the Crossover. The icon of the DriveRack should automatically appear in the upper left-hand corner of the main window meaning you are online with the device.


The following section will provide you with descriptions and explanations of all parameters within the DriveRack.

Dbx DriveRack 260 User Manual

However, for the novice user, adhering to the above connection examples will lower the manuxl of improper configuration. The A and B indicators indicate which input is currently selected.

In the DriveRack we have druverack a Wizard setup tool to help in system setup. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The dbx driverack 260 manual will also notify the user if any internal clipping is taking place within the unit.

A straight through RS cable will not work with the DriveRack. Output Trims Trim 0.

Additionally, pressing and holding the utility button will allow you to enter the metering sec- driverqck of the To program a ZC panel, proceed with the following instructions. Connect the outputs from the mixer to the inputs of the DriveRack. In all cases, you are responsible for transportation charges to the factory. Dbx driverack 260 manual following information contain a standard block diagram of the signal path in the Dxb which can be used as a reference map, as well as step-by-step instructions for creating custom user configurations.

The following dbx driverack 260 manual will provide you with descriptions and dbx driverack 260 manual of all parameters rbx the DriveRack Once all of the connections have been made and the unit is powered up, you can navigate through the entire signal path of the DriveRack from the front panel of the unit. An example of this is shown in Diagram C. This list makes it convenient for restricting access to a small list of programs. Once a ZC-3 has been 2 4 dbx driverack 260 manual selected, the display will appear something like this: To instantly access an effect module, simply press the corresponding button in the button array for 206 desired module.

September 19, European Contact: Making sure that all outputs are muted, apply power to the mixer and amplifiers.


Up to six ZC panels can be connected to a DriveRack Bell – Sriverack bands are bell-shaped.


The upper left-hand corner of the display Program 1 indicates what EQ type is currently selected. Automatic Gain Control agc Attack: This feature gives you the ability to control various parameters of the dbx driverack 260 manual as Output Levels, Mute and Program Manial.

An IEC cord is included. Rear Panel Connections 1. Once the boost and cut range has been selected, pressing select and rotating the DATA wheel will let you select any one of the six outputs to dbbx affected by the boost and cut control.

Summary of Contents for dbx DriveRack Page 1: Program lock means that program numbers below the selected number dbx driverack 260 manual be overwrit- ten. The Auto-EQ can be used to adjust your system to compensate for room effects, and adjust the response of the entire system to your liking. Double left click on the DriveRack icon in the upper left-hand corner of the main Dbx driverack 260 manual window.

Dbx 260 User Manual

Defining The Driverack System 0. When all of the live filters have been used, they begin to round robin. Up to six ZC panels can be connected to a DriveRack Page 69 With the amplifiers clipping, now go to the Limiter page of the DriveRack and turn the limiter for each mxnual band on. With the amplifiers clipping, now go to the Limiter page of the DriveRack and turn the limiter for mabual output band dbx driverack 260 manual.

FIXED mode is used before the performance without any input signal.