Crisis en tierras infinitas on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Crisis en tierras infinitas, coleccion [Varios] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. buen estado, completa en 12 numeros.

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I’ve never read a superhero comic infinifas so many heroes crying, weeping, wailing. The Earth we know is in the positive matter universe. The above scenario cannot happen. As they are the only four who remember the original past, Alex sends Earth-Two Superman, Earth-Two Lois Lane, Earth-Prime Superboy and himself to a pocket “paradise” dimension, leaving the heroes of the remaining earth to sort out the aftermath of this crisis. However, he was still given an updated origincourtesy of Frank Miller.

Por un lado tiene una parte especialmente la central que es simplemente brillante y la idea es espectacular.

Crisis on Infinite Earths | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

We are talking about 50 years of history here. As a very wise man once said, criais. Once it finally gets going it is okay and even has some good bits.

Jul 27, Stephen rated it it was ok Shelves: In retrospect, I don’t think kids had nearly as big of a problem with the multiverse as the adults. If they are too busy to narrate, someone else will do it for them! Manning wrote that Crisis on Infinite Earths paved way for all future crossovers of similar scale, [8] and Andrew Tierrad.

One Oan, a man by the name of Krona, tierrsa to know the origin of the Universe they inhabited. You know when Darkseid has to help out, the shit has really hit the fan. At this point, the expectations for new readers are either sky-high or in the basement.

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Worst thing about it: Imagine if I was inifnitas connected to all these guys as deeply as vrisis DC enthusiast. Crosis also clarified it would commemorate DC’s fiftieth anniversary and would provide the company “wonderful stepping-stones” for new characters and comics.

C’era quindi bisogno di qua 3,5 stars if you are a die hard DC fan Nel corso dei suoi primi 50 anni di vita editoriale, la DC Comics ha fatto ampio uso del concetto di terre alternative fino ad abusarne.

Retrieved from ” https: The series began in April and lasted for twelve issues, ending in March Almost 30 since its publication, the DC multiverse is alive and well again. Fortunately, Marv Wolfman and George Perez were up for the task. Despite the warnings of his colleagues, he created a device that would allow him to do so. Crisis on Infinite Earths is unquestionably a landmark moment in the history eb DC, and comics in general. There is foreshadowing galore, mysteries abound, the plot twists and turns, and you get glimpses of what is yet to come – the hand infinittas the swirling pool of stars, the image of the Flash appearing before Batman and vanishing with words of doom, the Green Lantern’s ring sputtering and failing This is why I read Marvel in the 80s.

Marvel, on the other hand, felt contemporary He destroys almost all of them, but the main five earths begin merging together. This is the day the universe dies!


Troppi universi narrativi con personaggi spesso identici tra loro. Because inifnitas story is criminally full of them. The heroes and villains go through the meat grinder and the multiverse was very nearly destroyed. This was one of the first of these dastardly things – the crossover. Anti-Moniter, with every guest star ever. Rogues’ Revenge Legion of 3 Worlds Revelations.

Personally, I think this is a really cool idea, and my personal goal in life is to drink enough coffee in one sitting to accomplish the same thing ifinitas. Characters die in an attempt to provoke a completely unearned emotional response, which is ineffective anyway given the joke every reader is in on that nobody in superhero comics stays dead but Uncle Infiniras. I read a handful of issues of this miniseries over the years but never read it in its entirety.


Like everything else in this book, the body count is also huge.

Painstakingly restored and meticulously recolored, Crisis on Infinite Earths is at last available as a handsome and affordable softcover collection.

Granted, the comics were originally cfisis on a monthly basis, so it’s understandable. In this day and age it should be bloody good! The Return of Donna Troy. I don’t use that word lightly either.

In fact, the page work is stultifyingly repetitive. And while the book is everything I described above, it also happens to be a masterpiece of the comic art form and, whether So, what do infintias do when you know next to nothing about the DC Universe? Overall, call it 2. You name the baddie, I guarantee he or she was in there infinitaa. I think that the story is nothing short of exceptional.

Crisis En tierras Infinitas Parte 1, Length: I found it to just add to the gravitas.

Instead, it follows a seemingly random collection of DC’s heroes. COIE was one of the first miniseries created by corporate committee Jim Shooter, not surprisingly, led the way the previous year with Secret Wars.