30 Aug Chandi Di Vaar (The Ballad of Chandi) is a philosphical, spiritual and to give a new Punjabi explanation to the Battle of Gurmat and Manmat. Asfotak Kabits · Sahansar Sukhmana · Vaar Malkauns Ki · Chandd · Chaupai Sahib · Tavparsadi Savaiye. Various aspects. Idolatry Prohibition · v · t · e. Chandi di Var (lit. “Chandi’s deeds”) is a composition written by Guru Gobind Singh, included in. About Chandi Di Vaar: It (The Ballad of Chandi) is a philosphical, spiritual and heroic composition written by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Anandpur Sahib.

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It is written in fifty-five stanzas Pauris.

This is the name given to the fifth Bani in the second holy scriptures of the Sikhs called the Dasam Granth. Gurmat contains the whole explanation of the Soul and Supreme Divine and a soul who bears Gurmat is called Gurmukh i or Gurmat i or Bhagauti. The demons, full of wrath, close in upon her roaring like the black clouds. Those who sing this ballad, will not be born again, means when he become knower of characterstics of Gurmat, he will also follow the same.

The Var opens with an invocation to God symbolized as sword and then to the first nine Gurus or preceptors of the Sikh faith. Guru Sahib used the Ballad to explain the priciples of Gurmat the Guru’s way. The story begins with the demons overthrowing the gods and establishing their own sway where once the gods ruled. Written in fifty-five stanzas, this is the only composition this is in Punjabi. Original text is over pages.

Chandi Di Var (Steek) – Book By Pandit Narain Singh Ji Giani

The Queen, upon her stately lion, tears through the battleranks of the demons demolishing them with her deathly sword. Thus Chandi the embodiment of might in the female form was described in all her majesty and glory, her strength and might. In Gurmat, Kabir said “Kabir chadeyo Garh fort upar raaj kiyo abinaasi”.

Guru Gobind Singh taught that Chandi is none other than the primordial power of the Almighty which fights evil, and, as such, Chandi is actually not to be worshipped as an idol but instead revered by using the ‘Tegha’ sword. The first stanza of Chandi di Var forms the introductory part pubjabi the Ardas, the Sikh prayer.


Chandi Di Var (Steek) – Book By Pandit Narain Singh Ji Giani

Bhagauti means GurmatA mind Buddhi having spiritual, intellect, and wisdom. Views Read Edit View history. As the drops of his blood fall to the ground, hosts of demons arise from them to join the strife.

The Ballad relates a contest between a Gurmukh a Gurmat individual who walks on god’s path, following the command of God and a Manmukh one who does not believe in god and chooses to follow himself or other Manmukh humans. First I remember bhagautithen I turn my attention to Guru Nanak. The goddess is ready for another battle. Retrieved from ” https: In the ancient times literature of this kind was read during the wars to enthuse the warriors to heights of glory and heroism even today the same tradition prevails.

The poetry has a virile temper evoked by a succession of powerful and eloquent similes and by a dignified echoic music of the richest timbre.

This was traditionally performed holding a three foot Sword Sri Sahib. This composition is part of Chandi Charitrawhich in turn is part of Bachittar Natak. Part of a series on.

The Rahitname codes of Sikh conduct state it should be read standing up, with sword in hand. And as expected through his inspirational writings the Guru was able to transform the character of the multitudes totally.

In case of spiritual world it is Gyan Khadag. Sumbha sends out fresh armies to face the fight.

Chandi di Var – Wikipedia

The verse of Durga have been made into stanzas. The demons again rally under their chiefs, Sumbha and Nisumbha, and march upon the kingdom of Indra.

The instinctual forces are demons, Indra is the self of Man, Durga is the Divine God within the self. Following the invocation, this composition highlights the major events and incidents about Chandi as mentioned in the ancient writings.

The demons fight with dreadful id and not one of them has been seen fleeing the field. Seeing their chiefs fall in this manner, the demons raise a loud howl of ounjabi. Durga path baniya Sabhai Pauriya. To the virtuous, she is a ready and kindly friend and protector.

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The first part of the text, Chandi Charitra Ukti Bilas, states it is retelling the Markandeya Purana story, where Durga fights a shape shifting buffalo demon Mahishasura and slays the evil demon and his companions. The source of the legend is “Devi mahatmya,” a section of the Markandeyapurana, and the narrative follows, in the main, the classical detail though the dominant interest lies in the character of Chandi which, through the creative genius of the poet.

Here “Sri Bhagauti” means “Great Bhagauti”.

Such a soul is always in Hukam, Following the Supreme Command and staying away from the illusionary world. But the troubles of the gods are not yet ended. It is now the turn of another, Sranvat Bij, who brings a mighty host of ironclad, vengeful soldiers. So Guru Gobind Singh picked characters of Brahmgyan, which were already well known and used the legends to give a new Punjabi explanation to the Battle of Gurmat and Manmat.

Durgshah restores to Indra his crown. Jacobsen; Kristina Myrvold SHe is one which born under Hukam and fight with demon to help Deities. Durga emerges from this account triumphant, highspirited punjabj glorious.

The text has historically been referred to by several names. Debating the Dasam Granth. Those pierced with spears lie motionless like olives on the branch of the tree. The goddess meets them with an angry charge of arrows sending many a hero to eternal sleep. Their leader, King Indra, supplicates the goddess for help: In the ballad, the supreme goddess see Chandi is transformed into a liberating chanci power in the form chanfi sword, that crushes perpetuators of falsehood.

Guru Gobind Chanddi Foundation.