Bhakti-vrksa Preaching Workshop. Student Handbook. Bhakti-vrksa Preaching Workshop. Course Schedule. Day One – Underlying Principles. Lesson 1 – 7. 10 Apr ISKCON Desire Tree – Devotee Network is a social network. 21 May ISKCON Desire Tree – Devotee Network is a social network.

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As Srila Prabhupada said: The members need to have something different and relaxing periodically. For this, it is ideal that devotees interested in getting married go through appropriate training. It could be bhakti vriksha manual on phone or meeting them personally.

» Bhakti Vriksha Preaching Materials

Bhakti-vriksa Hands on Trainng. It is suggested that during the week, the Bhakti vriksha sevak could be in touch with msnual members in order to build a friendly relationship with them. This is very important because the members also bhakti vriksha manual that we respect and value their time. Vinita Harjani Hare Krsna.

The Bhakti-vriksha Workbook-Krishna Sadhak (Hindi) – ISKCON CONGREGATION

For every lesson the bhakti vriksha leader is provided the material for his preparation for the program. When a good rapport is established, it is easy for the Bhakti vriksha sevak to guide them in their spiritual journey. In recognition of their commitment bhakti vriksha manual certificate is awarded during the Vyuha. Learn more about the course: Results will be announced on Gaur Purnima Festival 12th March.


Application part of the interactive session bhakti vriksha manual an important component of bhakti vriksha. More icebreakers are available in “The Book of Icebreakers” http: Attendance Sheet The bhakti vriksha sevak has to fill the attendance sheet for the week immediately after the members leave. The devotees involved in the Bhakti Vriksha take part in bhakti vriksha manual temple functions and render services of various types. For participating in Bhakti Vriksha programsplease fill up the contact form or contact anadi.

Now please embrace us! Keeping this in mind the program components can be interchanged.

Also, it must be ensured that not too many new subjects are introduced or sought to vrikxha discussed in these sessions, otherwise it bhakti vriksha manual make it difficult for the participants to absorb and thus feel left behind. For more informations contact us on cdmofficeiskcon gmail.

A vyuha program involves the participation of bhakti vriksha manual or three bhakti vriksha groups together in a combined program. The response was in majority a yes. At the end of the workshop bhakti vriksha manual concluded with a Certificate Ceremony and a request of a feedback regarding their experience. As a takeaway bhakti vriksha manual bhakti vriksha sevak has to summarise the right Krsna conscious message.

There are twelve Bhakti Vriksha groups, which meet once a week at the homes of various members. They could be broken down into smaller questions based on the passage for better interaction with the members.

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Nearly a thousand devotees gathered in Mayapur early this year to celebrate their preaching success in Kolkata.

Bhakti Vriksha

The documents currently being used in our centers are available here. Well, We are a little different. This consists of several groups of congregational devotees, who meet bhakti vriksha manual or twice a week, to have kirtan, discuss Krishna katha and bhakti vriksha manual prasadam, as well as to take guidance and counseling for making spiritual advancement.

The tune should be simple for everyone to follow.

bhakti vriksha manual The most important part of this program is to encourage your members to commit to a spiritual standard. Bhakti vriksha manual online course, Bhakti Marriages, starts with two premarital courses — one for men and one for women.

By this the members feel enthused to share their knowledge in Krsna consciousness with others, inspire them and bring them to the programs. In this month one bhhakti fast.