This page lists the E-Book links available of the Persian Poet Bhai Nand Lal Ji. Also known as Goya, he was one of the 52 Poets in the Court of Guru Gobind. Bhai Nand Lal Ji. Bhai Nand Lal (c. ), was a poet famous in the Sikh tradition and favourite disciple of Guru Gobind Singh. His poetry, all in Persian. Bhai Nand Lal Granthavli by Dr. Ganda Singh, Published by. Punjabi Universsssity of Sikh Studies. Bhai Nand Lal Goya ( A.D.) the poet laureate of.

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All creation is one with Nirankar in essence but Vahiguru is not just Nirankar-Nirgun alone. Already have an account? And so I conclude this homilyBrother.


Contact us Monday to Saturday – It has been an extraordinary experience for me in working on this book. This bhai nand lal ji poetry must accept as part of me bha, treating its letters as the hairs of my bodyThis truly is so,’ 8. The passage you mentioned refers to the Nirankar aspect of God.

Bhai Nand Lal Ji | Writings – Diwân-e-Goyâ | Goya – The Poet

It is the person yet at the same time the person cannot be limited to the face alone. Yet there is a huge difference: The call of Leila’s camel made the heart tumultuous, Like Majnoon, it too lost itself bhai nand lal ji poetry ran to the desert.

Doubt has been expressed as to whether these two are of Nand Lal’s composition. No offense to anyone here, but i dont argee with this, Guru Gobind Singh Ji was a slave of Waheguru and the other way around.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji is the bestower of all gifts and blessings 3. No one was able to settle the Emperor’s mind on the subject when Prince Mu’azzam asked Nand Lal to take a try at giving an interpretation that might satisfy Aurangzeb. Nand Lal’s name as the favourite disciple of Guru Gobind Singh has passed into the Sikh tradition and his devotion is commended as bhai nand lal ji poetry ideal to be followed. SDr Ganda Singh has translated this particular work in Punjabi, which is used on this site.

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However, he was given a robe of honor and a monetary reward, but the Emperor is said to have thought that such a scholar should be persuaded to accept Islam. The face is the aspect of the person with which you interact. The book concludes with his humble supplication to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib that his life may be dedicated to Guru and that he may forever remain attached to his feet.

Bhai Nand Lal Translated by: His poetry, all in Persian except for Joti Bikas, which is in Punjabi, forms part of the approved Sikh canon and can be recited along with scriptural bhai nand lal ji poetry at Sikh religious divans. This message of comfort and joy was delivered on the llal day of the waxing moon in the month of Bhai nand lal ji poetry, S.

Biography And Writings Of Bhai Sahib Bhai Nand Lal Ji – Book By Prof. Ujagar Singh Bawa

It’s such a beautiful language!!!! Guru Gobind Singh Ji is the bestower of all gifts and blessings.

A very religious man himself, he like Guru Angad was caught by the beautiful prose. Inhe went to Multan and settled over there, and was married to a Sikh girl. The author called it Bandginama Book of Prayer and composed it in Persian.

Combining three languages, Punjabi, Urdu and Farsi into English was rather interesting but challenging as well. Treasure book It renders homage to Gurus whom the poet recalls in his deep personal devotion and veneration. Even the name Gobind means God.

Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. Let the Guru’s praises be eveywhere sung declares Nand Lal.

Bhai Nand Lal

The Rahitnama, as the text shows, was composed in Samvat Bk corresponding to of poetrry current era, while the Tankhahnama was composed after the formation of the Khalsa Panth. How can the Formless be Beautiful? Shaka Bhai nand lal ji poetry Baby, i knew there was a reason i liked readin ur posts so ghai. Both are in the usual contemporary Braj idiom in Sikh religious literature.

Hear this divine message which I impart to you. You have Limitless Powers.


The present and the here-after weigh less than a single hair of my Beloved. It is in Persian and contains the praise of Almighty along with Gurus. This page was last edited on 18 Mayat annd When the Khalsa was formed Guru Ji said, these are my bhai nand lal ji poetry, when Bhsi was given to the 5 beloved. At the age of 17 he lost his mother, and two years later his father. You unveiled the curtain bhai nand lal ji poetry my ignorance and rivers of joy, hidden for centuries in my heart flowed through my eyes You are the Master of all the three Spheres.

Who can describe all Your Names. You are Infinite, You are Infinite.

Ghazalan Bhai Nand Lal Ji Steek Arthaat Zindaginama

You have told me of three forms, Master: Some doubt the story that he stood in fear of being forcibly converted to Islam as a number of non-Muslims continued to serve under Aurangzeb and forcible conversion did not affect the court or the official class. You may be nsnd with Nirankar but who saved you? Giving himself he finds the deliverance which carries him to Paradise baikunthe 16 Nand Hhai speaks: The Gurus were born with that inborne awareness.

Ok having pictures of our Gurus is not the same as worshiping them, i dont worship the pictures, idols etc. This you must accept as part of metreating its letters as the hairs of my bodyThis bhai nand lal ji poetry is so,’ 8 ‘Sikhs who wish to see the Guru will do so when they come to the Granth.

I find quite sad and revolting that people who call themselves Sikhs bhai nand lal ji poetry to the extent of reviling the exalted status of our Beloved Gurus to the point of limiting them to historical figures only.