Congratulations! With the ADA, you have acquired a high-end device that .. Your ADA is an ideal expansion for BEHRINGER’s digital mixing console . Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Behringer UltraGain Pro-8 Digital ADA Rated / 5 by 6 customers!. Behringer ADA I bought this unit a month ago, and use it with my M-Audio ProFire It has 8 inputs (XLR & jack on each input) on the.

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Even with the unbalanced inputs, the ADA is not adding any hum or noise. I had reservations when i bought the item.

You might also think of going with an audio interface that can be used in stand alone mode or chained up with your current audio interface. But no, this is a different preamp, much quieter and cleaner. There was no hum.

Review of the Behringer ADA by TweakHeadz Lab

As advertised, it gives me 8 more analog inputs. Excellent, given what you are paying. If you can’t get a BNC cable to it because your word clock out is assigned to some other piece, you might read my article on setting up word clock distribution. Many times these these adapters are just ways to deplete your wallet.

There is also the M-audio Octane. This ultra-compact 19 in. It came to me double boxed, perfectly mint, never opened before, with the Behringer product guide inside, so I knew it was a new unit. Don’t get slayed by all the hype. I bought the device to give me more analog line inputs for my collection of synths. You do want to have a sync plan before you get the ADA I should tell you though that I don’t plan to use it for the mic pres. A little less pricey, and not as good quality is the Presonus DS I have not been able to say that ifor a long time about anything.


I just got one. I did have to turn it up full throttle. I think they would be fine for a drummer wanting to mic the kit. Options for Adding More Inputs to Interface. Other 8 ch preamps to ADAT converters cost a bit more. If you do make it the master you have to get the word clock out signal to all your other digital pieces.

I was expecting performance like on the Behringer UB mixers. There is your start for your research. Each Hosa cable is matched with Hosa’s limited lifetime warranty.

Behringer ADA8000

The SM7b is a mic that can punish a cheap pre by exposing its behrinnger floor as you turn up the gain. If there was hiss and noise when jacked up to the full 60db, the room completely masked it. I can tell you with certainty how it works here: There’s a couple more like the Focusrite Octopre that require adapters.

A pro might want something better, perhaps with pads and more “personality” and a better brand namebut for all you home gamer’s, the ADA rocks. These units have direct outs that the behringer lacks, but do not convert from ADAT back to analog.

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If you already have a MOTU firewire interface, consider adding the 8pre. The OPM series features metal headshells, metal guides, adq8000 heavy-duty outer jacketing. An excellent unit with decent preamps is the Presonus FS8.

Unsure of which method to take. The signal is quite nice and it sounds good and crystal clear. I bought it at zZounds because I knew I could return it if I didn’t like it. After i did mine, it was an inescapable fact that for someone who just wants line inputs, the Behringer ada is in a class by itself at a great price. Perfect for keeping tabs of what goes where easily. I love it when things work this way. RG ohm coaxial cable for use with video and word clock applications.

Behringer ADA Pro Audio Equipment | eBay

Add to this that you can use the preamps and you have a great deal. Ditto for making it the master. My E sampler and 3 Proteus modules are connected. If anything, my work here today is short.