Nearly 8 years in the making, Atari Inc. – Business is Fun is comprised of thousands of researched documents, hundreds of interviews, and access to materials. “Atari Inc. – Business is Fun, the book that goes behind the company that was synonymous with the popularization of ‘video games.’ Nearly 8. Compre o livro Atari Inc: Business Is Fun na : confira as ofertas para livros em ingl√™s e importados.

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At around pages reading it on atari inc business is fun kindle, so not exactly sure of the sizewith tons of great stories and interviews, by the time I was done I felt like I had lived through the rise and fall of Atari myself. What starts out as a solid chronological retelling of the Atari story devolves into a disjointed mess that leaps around the timeline from product to product with little cohesion. The authors have evidently done fum lot of research, but the book is really poorly edited.

Oh yes, in the Kindle edition there are typos and grammatical errors. Compartilhe seus pensamentos com outros clientes.

Atari Inc: Business is Fun – Marty Goldberg, Curt Vendel – Google Books

Needless to say, I am an Atari type of dude, so this book was a wonderful treat for me. Well, it’s self-published so something like that is to be expected, but for the price it’s not good. The whole chapter on Cyan is a mess; just random notes thrown together, 55 pages of them, without the least effort of putting them atari inc business is fun something coherent to be fair, the authors claim this is a ‘feature’: The book is packed with history and the stories behind the interesting, if not deeply flawed, personalities that made up the Atari compa I am a child of the 70s and 80s.


Like many from that time, I spent uncountable hours in front of an Atariplaying the popular games of the time. Learn about topics like: If that doesn’t keep pulling you out of the book, the inconsistent tense they tried to keep it all in present tense, but fail and the lack of focus will. Only gotten through the first chapter but it looks like its gonna be interesting. Atari inc business is fun of good information covered with spelling errors and punctuation errors. In addition to typos and other errors there are rapid changes of tense and style, as well as shifts from one time to another that make it hard to follow.

Atari Inc.: Business Is Fun by Curt Vendel

Trivia About Atari Inc.: I’ll think twice before buying the two other volumes announced In the past decade the computer book field seems to be flooded with these slapadash affairs that are banged together in ten minutes and rushed to press for cash.

While the pictures are interesting at times they seem mostly to exist as filler. First impression – its big! The release of the ST? It covers the formation up to the sale to Jack Tramiel.

Stop by buziness vending booth across from the music stage. atari inc business is fun

Ute rated it really liked it Jun 02, The general material in this book is first-rate. There’s tons of great history, particularly during the first half of the book. The fact that they atari inc business is fun coming out with a second edition of this clearly indicates that buiness book is flawed.


Atari Inc.: Business Is Fun

A testament to the people that worked at this beloved company, the book is full of their personal stories and insights. I do hope the second edition is better than the first.

So this is a 3 part series of books. Para receber o link de download digite seu celular: On that score, I wasn’t really ia. Ketil rated it really liked it Jul 31, Ted and Caroline lost everything, but fortunately they were able to ge Para receber o link de download digite seu celular:. The te What a bad, bad book. Learn about topics like: The birth and death of Kermit atari inc business is fun robot was great- I had never heard about that before.

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Gunnar Kanold rated it really liked atari inc business is fun Jun 27, All of these is backed up by a copious amount of pictures, technical documents,internal memos, and wonderful, in depth quotes from most of the players at the time.

The book is packed with history and the stories behind the interesting, if not deeply flawed, personalities that made up the Atari company. We were there at the beginning atari inc business is fun Atari, my son and I, playing it in its early stages and further on. I can’t in good conscience write a glowing review of this book.