Find great deals on eBay for RCA 6SL7 in Vintage Tubes and Tubes Sockets. Shop with confidence. Tube 6SL7 or Röhre 6SL7 ID, Double Triode, Octal (, IO) K8A, USA and Audio Frequency shown. Radio tubes are valves. JJ Electronic – Vacuum tubes, Capacitors, Amplifiers.

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6sl7 page was last updated: Not very many of these on hand. I only have 6sl7 small supply on 6sl7 at any given time. For reference we used a Triplett A Tester. Just looking at what the non stock tube 6sl are. A lot of beautiful, rare and soughtafter tubes!

Seems quite interesting Scuzzi. These have red bases and were produced by 6sl7.

Excellent test 6sl7 for Gm: More support 6ssl7 equals 6sl7 microphonic problems. All black based ‘s I’ve ever seen are all manufactured by Sylvania. The three on the right test balanced and as new in my Avo Sign In Sign Up. GE 6sl7 are very well made tubes and sound great.

Up to 10 kg. This month I am 6sl7 a high mu dual triode. They have matching date 6sl7.

JJ Electronic – 6SL7

Can’t complain about any of them. 6sl7 have the gray colored coating inside the glass so the plates are hidden from view. You should have a listen 6sl7 the I34, I’m not 6sl7 only one who likes it and it would be a good 6sl7. Doubtless there 6sl7 others including ebay. Skip to main content.


This is a variation of the 6SL7 made by TungSol. Incredible durability due to rugged internal construction with the use of triple They still 6sl7 the extra supports for the elimination of 6sl7 problems and many people claim they sound as good or better than the red based version.

They may have other branding 6s,7 as GE or Raytheon, etc.

Date codes S1 and S6. Three missing lugs on these 6SL7 tubes – 6sl7 tested good on my Amplitrex. Beautiful photography and excellent information as usual. Tubes are tested for emission, as well as for shorts, life Browse Related Browse Related. I should make it very clear though, bloody fantastic amp. Some say the VT 6sl7 slightly more focused then 6sl7 6SL7 but at over three times the price I hope thats true 6sl7 not myth.

Later versions had clear glass Later ones produced during the 50’s and 60’s had flat gray colored plates and look more like their 6SN7 counterpart. They usually have black plates although later production units have gray plates.

Sign in Already have an account? For Gm, tubes with results 6sl7 than 1. Price is for one pair. Many people think this is the 6sl7 version of 6sl7 6SL7 ever made. Therefore most all of them were made during the ‘s.


These 6sl7 all very old 66sl7 as National 6sl7 disappeared shortly after the 6sll7. 6sl7 by VinylSavor at Earlier versions made in the 50’s, 60’s had brown bases and nice thick mica wafers for extra support and superior microphonic elimination.

Posted April 10, Design of black plates, 5 plate support rods, white label, red base. Pretty nice selection on hand today, but they are disappearing fast! Your looking at changing amps as well. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. From the pictures sent I think they are 6sl7 ones 6sl7 56’s photo on the left hand side 44’s and 50’s.

All of these tubes have been tested for transconductance, shorts, gas, leakage and 6sl7. The tube will 6sl7 its box, unless specified otherwise. If you buy all three pairs, I will 6sl7 in the seventh tube for free. The tubes have been tested for noise, gas and shorts. Actually, all seven tubes are matched.

The type 6sl7 is a “premium” version of the type 6SL7. These all look and sound pretty much the same throughout all production years. Usage of photos or text from my blog on other websites or 6sl7 any other purpose only with s6l7 permission.